When you look into the technology of the 21st century, you must think that the current phase of technology is the maximum which developers can attain. But we all will be very much astonished to know that evolution with the name of artificial intelligence is taking over the mobile industry. Experts are predicting some remarkable transformations in the thriving world of Android App Development.

Improvement in business relations, growth, and expectations, along with technology, has already been predicted with the frequent use of artificial intelligence. In Mobile App Development, this technology will have the most prominent field to play, and nobody will have the ability to overlook it. Developers are saying that Artificial intelligence will have a very evocative impact in the business work through technology overall.

Artificial intelligence programs for Android:

Artificial Intelligence is going to take over the world, and it will be doing so with the help of its role in Android app development. If you look into the pattern of mobile app development companies Around the World, it will be evident that the owners and the developers are just not focused and using the artificial intelligence in the mobile app development process. But they are also very much interested in putting the technology into the hands of ordinary people.

The primary purpose behind this priority of developers is to introduce artificial intelligence technology through the applications in the mobile phones of the users. And with the proper incorporation of artificial intelligence features with Android apps, it is predicted that smartphones will soon be coming to perform extremely advanced technology roles that have not been anticipated and performed before.

Landmark recognition, barcode scanning, image labeling, face recognition, text recognition, and many others such revolutionized techniques and routines are expected from smartphones which will be developed with the incorporation of artificial intelligence in their applications.

Mobile app development with artificial intelligence:

You must be wondering how exactly Artificial Intelligence has the potential of taking over the whole technology world? To put the idea in common words, it can be said that artificial intelligence has the power to transfer the command on monotonous and time-consuming practices. This way, artificial intelligence gets the potential of analyzing and checking the human mindset to make better decisions. As a result of this activity, the profitability of the business is going to potentially increase by a tremendous rate.

Artificial intelligence solutions are more inclined towards providing offers to users in the form of intuitive experience. And these will leads to the assistance of marketers. Artificial Intelligence, which is being used in the development of Android apps, resulting in quick and more responsive outcomes. This eventually allows the users and the employees to remain connected in a better form.

If you are a part of the technology world, then it may fascinate you that the link between artificial intelligence and all mobile applications has become inseparable. In addition to this, marketers are also embracing this combination.

Reason for the popularity of artificial intelligence in mobile application companies:

Artificial Intelligence is commonly used by all of the mobile development companies around the world. There are many several ways these companies are implementing this advanced technology into their apps. Depending upon the task, app developers incorporate artificial intelligence into the development of their application, and they get the required help from the AI technology.

Improving search experience:

Aren’t you tired of finding something on your mobile apps and just not been able to perform the task because of the difficulties it comes with? Your problem is being taken care of already by Artificial Intelligence. With the introduction of the searching process, spelling corrections, perform suggestions, and voice search with artificial intelligence it has become an act of no trouble for the mobile users to engage themselves in any form of the searching process.

The introduction of artificial intelligence into the mobile application has become a compulsion and priority for all of the mobile app development companies which are looking to gain a better place in the market.

Forecasting marketing:

The job of the marketer includes collecting, maintaining, and analyzing the huge volume of data, and that can take a massive quantity of time as well. But to support customer information, artificial intelligence has advanced the framework of the marketers. As a result of that, it has enhanced sales overall.

Artificial Intelligence-powered applications support marketers to research and analyze the market as well. This has made the work of the marketers a lot easier.

Recognition of audio and video:

Are you aware of the application introduced by Facebook, which changes your face and shows you what your future will hold in the form of an old picture of you? That is a form of artificial intelligence technology. These days it is becoming more and more common to find such applications that have Chabot feature in them. If you consider the Siri application of Apple, it is one of the most common examples.

The primary purpose of using artificial intelligence by all of these app development companies is just to simplify the authentication process through the use of fingerprints or face recognition. These features are also being offered for the purpose of entertainment in the form of Snapchat for the users as well.

However, it is imperative to note that artificial intelligence technology is not just here for face recognition. But the ability to recognize the audio as well as the video is also being installed into the mobile applications with the help of artificial intelligence.

Studying patterns of behavior:

Have you heard of integrating algorithms that have the capability of analyzing user behavior? Well, this is one of the most convenient ways of implementing artificial intelligence into the Android application. This way, use gives recommendations to the users based on their previous activity. Artificial Intelligence offers personalized products or services. The customer experience has been increased on a tremendous rate provided with the introduction of these customized services.

Best artificial intelligence apps for android:

Let’s talk about all of the best applications which have artificial intelligence incorporated in them


Before the launch of window 10, it was just available on the window phones. But now Cortana is a prevalent application, and it is available on Android phones as well. It makes the handwork really less for the users at is help you in managing the task which you need to do manually before.

For example, Cortana will act as a helpful tool in managing a meeting. As it will be sending you emails, helping you in finding the desired products or anything which you need to find from the internet. To use the Cortana now, you have to sign in to your Microsoft account and make use of it in the full potential.


Are you familiar with the google voice search application? If yes, then you are going to find Hound an essential yet exciting app for your Android. As Hound gives you the opportunity of speaking naturally and get the result exhibited instantly in front of you. You just have to say “ok Hound,” and it will get activated because of the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the application. This way, you will not have to use your fingertips or even tap on the screen to enable it.

Listening to your favorite music, video playback, or anything related to sound is being covered by the Sound Hound playlist. You will have a wide range of features which you can actually enjoy using this application. Setting multiple alarms and setting the timer according to your requirements is also one of the most important features offered by the Hound for its users.

Time and sound-related activities and features are not the only highlights of Hound. But it also has the facility of checking the current weather or weather forecast of any coming days. Finding any good food restaurants, finding movie showtimes, calculations, anything which you can name, Hound is going to be your helping hand.


Is English not your native language and you still are obsessed with getting an English accent? Well, Elsa is here to a huge helping hand. Elsa actually stands for English language speech assistance. It is an artificial intelligence application introduced into Android phones. Elsa offers professional coaching on pronunciation. This includes a series of exercising and a lot of testing materials to determine on which level you actually exist.

This application just asks your native language to get the idea and the programs ready accordingly. And after that, you just have to work on your pronunciation and focus on every specific word. As the application is free on Play Store and iTunes, it helps the users to get the best out of everything without spending any money on it.


Now you must have the idea that artificial intelligence is rapidly spreading all over the world. It has a high acceptance rate from the Tech market as well. Companies are welcoming this technology with open arms. From the application of Siri introduced by Apple years ago to self-driving Cars, artificial intelligence is getting its hands on everything and anything possible.

From managing Google search algorithms to enabling machine functions, just like humans, artificial intelligence is playing a preeminent role. As it is an ingenious and effective way to save your time and be productive all day. You have to engage yourself with Artificial Intelligence, and all the applications developed using artificial intelligence.

This way, you will not be working hard but smart. The power and assistance of artificial intelligence will be in your hands to get the most out of it without breaking the sweat.