Constant change is the reality of life. Innovation leads to the generation of unpredicted and advantageous technology. The technology and devices created over the years have made the life of man extremely easy. Change just not defines the modernization of technology but professional life as well. With ever-evolving technology, updated skill sets are required by the employers as well.

In the 21st century, the predictions of trends are being shaped before the technology, or the device is even released into the market. With the technology of today, everything is being done at a rapid Pace. Articles and blog posts are being generated by the experts and the developers either in favor or against the technology. Writers predict how that one single piece of technology is going to affect the market and how it is going to be a source of benefit for most people.

Gone are those days when everything used to take a lot of time. In recent days, fast speed is the main priority of every manufacturer. The changes and the progress of today’s world are capricious. The reasons behind these changes are being represented at vast platforms, and the developers and experts take the issues from there.

Advancement with passaging time:

As a result of the needs, technologies are being created in order to respond to the issues. This way, the requirement of the man is fulfilled. IT professionals Working With Companies have realized that their jobs are not going to remain the same for always. They have to prepare themselves with the coming time needs and update their knowledge along with their association with the technology.

As they know, they are here just for the purpose to work effectively with technology. If their experience and their knowledge about the technology are not matching with today’s demands, then there would be no need for their services at the company. So the IT professionals of all the companies are always learning even if they don’t desire to do so they have to do it in terms of a necessity for their job.

How does this affect you in person? Generally, it means that you have to improve yourself with the handling skills of technology. In the 21st century, you have to keep your eyes open for updates. The future holds new trends of technology, and unique skill sets are required to handle those technologies.

Trends of Technology taking over 2019:

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has been on practical grounds for past few years now. AI as being said earlier, it still continues to astound the scientist, developers, and related professionals worldwide.

As is artificial intelligence was responsible for working, playing, and anything which has been doing in the past was at the early stages. Now the technology of Artificial intelligence has updated itself. In addition, the branches of artificial intelligence are fully developing right now, which are going to take the market t next heights. Artificial intelligence’s subcategory is machine learning; machine learning would be an excellent category for thousands and millions of jobs.

The main focus of Artificial intelligence right now is to induce human intelligence to the computer systems. The machine has been programmed to recognize images, pictures, or patterns and make the decisions accordingly, just like human intelligence would predict. And the decision would be an error because there is always a chance of failure after all whenever a human is performing.

Since 1956 artificial intelligence is in everyday use word widely. In fact, 5 out of 6 Americans are actually using artificial intelligence services in their daily lives, and the statistics of research done a few years back approve these numbers. The people regularly use artificial intelligence in the form of navigation, app streaming services, smartphone personal assistance, sharing ride applications, for personal assistance or any sort of Smart home devices falls in the category of artificial intelligence. In addition to the everyday consumer use, artificial intelligence is being used by other organizations as well.

This may include scheduling trains assessing, keeping business tracks, predicting maintenance, improving energy efficiency, among many other money-saving tasks. These tasks are being done by organizations in today’s world using artificial intelligence as their standard tool.


Artificial intelligence, known as automation, has been a hot topic since its inception. Automation also proved to be fatalistic for the layman as there has been a significant loss of potential jobs. However, the experts are even predicting that automation or artificial intelligence is going to eliminate even more 73 million jobs by 2030. This elimination is going to affect human life very severely.

Even though it is foreseen that artificial intelligence is here to help mankind. However, the recent calculation makes being made by the experts is saying another way around. But that is not the whole case; artificial intelligence is also creating jobs for the men special in the field of artificial intelligence, which can be seen as 23 million by 2020.
The jobs will be in the form of the development, programming, testing, maintenance, and some other few big names which can fall on the same category. Artificial intelligence architecture is going to be one of the main jobs. Some will say that the scientists are going to also play a considerable role in artificial intelligence by 2020 for its advancement as well.

Machine learning:

Machine learning works in a form that computers are programmed to learn something new which has not been programmed into the system of the network. The computers literally have to learn by discovering different patterns and inside signs from the data and in this way to types of learning are being done by the system. Supervised and unsupervised learning are the main categories of Machine Learning.

With neural networks, natural language processing and deep learning can be considered as a substitute for machine learning, and there are whole career opportunities and specialization for each and every single subdivision present in these categories mentioned above. There is a massive demand for skilled professionals in sort of industries because of the rapid deployment of Machine Learning into the sectors. Job opportunities are expected to grow up to the worth of 8.8 billion dollars by 2022.

Job opportunities:

If you have the skills in your hand, then you are going to be the one making a lot of bucks then. Data Analytics, data mining, pattern recognition are considered to be the major applications being covered by machine learning. On the customer end, web search results, real-time ads, or anything which you can name can be added into this list of tasks to be done by machine learning.

In addition to just doing a job for us,, Machine Learning Technology. is also creating jobs for the men. This approach is going in favor of men from both ends. According to the LinkedIn statistics, the most emerging job offers of 2019 are considered to be the job which is related to machine learning, and almost more than 2000 posts have already been listed.

And the professionals with the required skill set are applying for them, and these jobs are very well paid as well. And the mechanical engineers who have accurate expertise and have the specific professional skills in them, they are estimated to make a living around a hundred million per year.

Machine learning job also includes top developers, engineers, researchers, and the data scientist level categories.

Robotic process automation:

Just like the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning robotic process automation is going to be one of the primary trends in 2019. Robotic process automation is software that is used for automating business processes. This may include processing, transactions, dealing with any sort of data, or even replying to emails and interpreting applications can be a part of the job being done by the robotic process automation.

These are not just small jobs for the low paid workers. But these are the jobs which considered being 45% of the activities which can be done by the professionals only. And the financial managers, doctors, and CEO level jobs are being done by robotic process automation. But that is just one side of the story.

However, on the other side of the coin, the experts from the research have estimated that the robotic process automation is going to eliminate the livelihood of almost 230 million or more workers. And approximate 9% of the Global workforce will be eliminated by the robotic process automation.

But it is not just the only scenario; many jobs are being created by technology as well. According to the experts, technology can only see five percent of occupation, which is totally automated. But 60% can be partly automatic, and the rest of the work has to be done manually. So the man job still is here, and man has to perform those jobs.

Future with RBA:

If you are an IT professional and you are looking forward to the Future Trends of the technology so that you can update your skill set in order to qualify yourself to the jobs of the future. Then robotic process automation is going to be one of the most important categories on your list. Because developers, project managers, business analyst solution, architectures, and even Consultants are the jobs which require the expertise of technology.

These are all the jobs that are being paid very well, and the average salary of robotic process automation can be set to $73,000 annually. This number is compiled from the wages of only the junior level developers. But all are aware of the fact that the senior level experts and the senior developers are going to earn almost 10% more than the obtaining of the junior levels. And that is being considered to 141000 Dollars per year.

Blockchain Technology

If we are talking about the Trends of Technology which are going to take over 2019 than blockchain cannot be Left Behind. Blockchain is being viewed just in relation to the Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But blockchain is actually way more than that. Blockchain linked with security in relative useful manners.

In order to explain blockchain into the simple terms, it can be described as data that can only be added on and it is not possible to take away or even change it. The word chain in the blockchain referred to the fact that you are making a chain of the data. You not being able to change any previous blocks present already on the system makes the most secure whole.

The blockchain is actually known consensus-driven so no entity has the ability to control the data and this has been clarified by the Forbes article already. in this way any third party is not needed to oversee or validate the transaction. You know what is going on and what is going to happen in the future as well.

Center of concentration of blockchain technology:

The main focus of blockchain has always been the security, and because of the heightened security blockchain is used for cryptocurrency. And it plays a preeminent role in protecting all sorts of information which may include the personal medical data that is being registered by the users. Blockchain is actually practically induced, and it also has done a lot in protecting all sources of assets such as the art and the real estate.

With the ever-increasing demand of Blockchain Technology, the need of the experts and the skilled professionals in the blockchain technology is also growing. So if you have the required expertise, then you are in demand and the blockchain related jobs are considered to be the second fastest growing category of the situation. As it is predicted that, there are 14 job openings, for every single blockchain developer.

If you have exceptional knowledge in developing and implementation of the architecture and Solutions, then you are in demand, and there are almost 14 jobs for just you. The blockchain developers are earning 130000 dollars annually, and the position of the developer is not available in the blockchain space only. But the industry All Around The World are hiring blockchain expert to make their data secure.

Software engineers, consultants, project managers are in demand by also The Financial Institutions, Healthcare and event retail businesses along with manufacturers to make their presence more financially firm and efficacious.

Final words:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Angular and React, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data are some other technologies that are ruling 2019. The technology in the 21st century has transformed a lot, and according to predictions, there is a long way to go. Every individual in today’s world has to set their eyes for the upcoming trends. Only this way we will be able to move with the same pace as others and be as modernized as the world around us.