If you are searching for best web development tools, then it is pretty obvious that you are working on Web Development Workflow and the whole concept. And you must be looking for the finest options available in the market. Especially those which are going to fit your demands just perfectly. So that you can easily satisfy your clients. However, with the sudden boom in the industry of internet and technology, clients are not that easy to satisfy anymore.

When clients are looking for a Web Developer who has absolute command and knowledge, then they are not just expecting mere presence on the internet from them. Clients are looking forward to something unique and out of the box which is going to make their brand stand out from the rest.

Actually, the boom doesn’t just happened in the field of technology and internet but in all other fields of life as well. So, the competition is pretty high. Literally, everything has a presence on the internet these days. Regardless, of the size of the business, everyone is working through the internet. Because it is relatively easy to target your audience through the internet. As, there are so many filters like age, area, interest, and many others to work with. And through all of these, the owners can target their potential clients really easily.

So, no business owner is looking forward to paying a lot of money just to have a presence only. They need all of those factors completely include in their final products, which will not only hit the potential audience. But also plays a role in increasing the rate of sales of their services drastically.

So, if you have a client and you want to work on the project in the best way possible, then there are some important tasks to follow. Firstly, you need to go through the web development workflow and customized it according to your own use and needs. Secondly, you have to assign the right tasks to the right team members. As aptitude along with expertise plays an integral part. Thirdly, you have to select the right tool for every particular task.

Before diving into the list of the possible best web development tools and techniques, it is just right to review the Workflow of Web Development once.

Web development workflow:

Making a website or an application requires some basic points which need to be followed in order to produce the best possible outcome. Not just for your benefit but basically in terms of the benefits of clients.

Negotiation before starting up:

Well, this is the first interaction between Developers and clients. Here the details are discussed and the clients actually define what they are looking forward to. In other words what they have in mind and how they want that plan to be executed in their favor. That is a primary stage, as the client and the developers have to decide, whether they want to work together or not. And more importantly, will they be able to work together.

If the meeting goes in the right direction and both of the parties decide to work with each other, here is the point where the whole procedure officially starts. The whole team of developers starts to analyze all the tasks and the procedure which they will be following. Once that is tackled, the official report is created for the client to have an idea of the procedures. It might include, all the possible expenses, possible technology requirement, a budget to have in mind while deciding the deal.

It is the official step from the clients’ side as they have to decide if they can work with this developers team and if the package they are offering is in accordance to client’s standards and limitations. If this goes smoothly, the technical work starts.

Defining of objectives:

After confirmation of the deal, the technical work starts. Firstly, defining the goal is the priority in order to take the whole process in a flow. It is not just to define the demands of the clients but also a helpline for the developing team as well. As the whole team is working on different projects and getting off the track is very much possible. So keeping the whole team on the same page plays a very important role. Selecting the content structure of the audience, Best Web Development Tools and techniques for the procedure and many other important decisions are made in this part of the process.

Division of work:

Once the whole outline along with the priorities is on the table, it is the time of dividing the work. As mentioned above, once the expertise is combined with aptitude, it definitely produces the maximum outcome. So dividing the work while keeping in mind the aptitude along with the expertise will help you a lot. And just dividing the work is not enough. Selecting the right technique for every task is also very important. Not just in terms of the convenience of developers. But also in terms of following the budget as a whole along with time management.

Scrum, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, and extreme programming are one of the few most popular techniques and software in the market.

Site mapping:

Site mapping as shows through the term itself deals with the content organization in the website. It helps in representing and defining the products and services which not only just help the customers find what they are looking for.

But also defines the product for their better understanding. But the developers have to update the site map every now and then. So that it can stay useful. Regardless of the constant change in products.


Wire-framing deals with deciding the final position of visuals of the website. It helps in making a rough draft first which will help in finding those points which will gather the audience.

And in addition to that, those elements will be the selling points really easily. So the wire-frame is the draft making procedure for visuals before putting the content of the app or website in finally.


Further, the designing phase starts. Here the developers and the designers have to work together in order to produce the best. Because the designer is very well aware of the designs, textures, cuts, and patterns.

But the developer is way more capable of telling the feel of the website. So only the combined work is going to produce the best.


It is considered as the final technical step. Because here all the prototypes, visuals and drafts are put together in order to make the best-looking website. At least for those, who just spent months and months on it. So putting everything together defines as the production phase.

Final testing:

After finishing the production phase, it is the time for final testing. Even though, in most of the techniques, the process goes through testing every now and then. But it is never 100%. So it is very convenient to make your final go through final testing before releasing it in the market.

Feedback process:

Even though the feedback is a constant step in most of the techniques. But the important feedback is from customers. Clients can never give feedback like a potential audience. So after releasing the product, it is the time to get to know what others think about it. Is it a hit or is it a miss?

These are the points which the developer have to keep in mind while starting working. It is the basic workflow.

Developers just don’t have to produce the website at the end of the day, there are so many other factors involved as well.

Duties of the web developer:

Main job duties of web developers are as following:

Meeting clients:

The very first thing is meeting different clients and understanding their needs. This just doesn’t only involve the knowledge of the project but the communication skills also play a very integral part.

Convincing the client that you will be the right choice is also very important. And convincing power is not everybody’s cup of tea either.

Framing the drafts:

officially starting anything at large scale is not the right approach. Making drafts on a small scale is very helpful and save you from loss of many bucks later on.

Code writing:

The backbone of the whole Process of Development of the website is based on accurate coding. And everybody does not have a command over programming languages like HTML, java-script and many others.

So writing the accurate code is pretty much the backbone, as the whole structure is standing on it.


It is not compulsory for the developer to do on his own. Because mostly the web development teams have a separate web designer, who has the expertise of designs and patterns. But some of the developers prefer to do everything on their own. So here these developers get the chance to show their artistic approach and develop designs in the best way possible.

Production and release:

After all the prototypes are ready, all of them are assembled together in order to produce the website.

Finally, after all of this, it is the time of releasing the website or application for public use. Getting feedback at the end is also very important.

Staying focus and alert:

Just sitting ideally in front of the computer is not the task of the developers. They have to write coding. and coding requires a lot of attention. As one mistake in one code can ruin the whole process at the end.

So paying extra attention to every step is very much an integral part of the whole procedure.


Just writing the code is not the whole procedure. Making the website attractive and catching for customers is the main focus also. Because it is the thing which is going to decide the success rate or bounce rate of the website after all.

So creating something unique yet useful is very important. And developers have to pay extra attention to the final outlook of the product as well.

Satisfying the client:

Obviously, the main purpose of the whole procedure is to satisfy the client. That satisfaction will come in two ways. Firstly, getting proper feedback from him during the process and updating the procedure according to his will.

And finally, after the completion of the process, the website should cover all of the domains. And produce the maximum benefits for the owner. So satisfying the client is pretty much the key.

So here is an overview that justifies the big earing of the developers. They have to work like the machine with the extra alert mind in order to gain the required results.

So all the money at the end is well earned.

Best web development tools:

Now coming back to the main point. As most of the people here are looking for the best web development tools and techniques which are just not going to help you produce the website. But you need the one which will be most beneficial for you according to your needs.

And it is pretty obvious that it can get very hard to select from hundreds.

Anyhow, Here is a summary of a few of the main tools which are ruling the market right now.

Sublime test:

Starting with the most basic approach. It is ultra speedy, well-designed and super efficient which makes it unique for the user interface. Well, there are many alternatives available in the market for it, but certainly sublime is the best.

You must be asking what makes it so special?

Well, it features keyboard short, which plays a very important role when it comes to deciding the image of the tool in the world of editors. It lets you edit while you are navigating the files and symbols.

Editors know how important this thing is. Because hours and hours on the same procedure is pretty tiring. So having an alternative to that pain is the solution, pretty much.


It is considered as the most popular website building platform. As it is in PHP language and gives you the edge of building your website on your own server with PHP/MySQL database, it really helps it to make a stand in the market.

WordPress is a blogging platform so it can also be used as a content management system CMS to make a commercial website.

Here are some features which make it help in being the best platform in the market.

  1. WYSIWYG text editor
  2. Multiple authors authorization
  3. Trackback/ Pingback
  4. Static pages
  5. Easy to install
  6. Rich third-party plugins
  7. Various templates and themes
  8. SEO optimized
  9. Friendly for SERP


After combining, Vue also becomes a framework and it has 84,364 Github stars. Released in 2013, and in a matter of 5 years, the javascript library for building web interfaces is sowing its progress.

What is the biggest plus of it, you must be asking?

Well, the absence of pedigree is the biggest benefit of being thankful for. Vue is lightweight plus it is very easy to learn. Along with the benefit of its updating and learning of mistakes from Angular makes it very updated. so having this tool for the process can be a great help.


Typescript developed in 2012, is considered as the best front end tool. It has optional features like typing. Maintenance for complex web application development is also a great plus of typescript.

Furthermore, you can use the compilation tool of typescript to transpose it to javascript later on.

Here is a list of few of main features:

  1. Acts as a superset of javascript
  2. Support other JS
  3. Faster error identification
  4. Enhanced IDE support
  5. Reduce the development time


If you are looking for an easy and inclusive tool, Mockplus is the one. As it helps in creating fast, smart and relatively easy website prototypes. It is considered as all in one set up for the website, phone and web development.

Here is a list of few of the features of Mockplus:

  1. A ready-made 300 component design
  2. 200 icons for fast prototyping
  3. Offers Repeater, Auto data Fill and paste style along with format painter
  4. Provide UI few design mode
  5. Also, have MindMap


Sass is a combination of variables, nesting, and mixins. It will help in making your stylesheet easily readable. Sass is going to help you a lot when you are working with CSS preprocessor. It is going to be a great help in writing and proofreading the codes.

And it will also keep the amount of CSS which you personally have to write minimum.

  1. Offer features like control directives
  2. Manipulation of colors
  3. Helps in optimizing working time
  4. Well-formatted and customized output
  5. Helps in creating reusable statements later n


It is used for Microsoft Windows and it is an open source text and code editor. There is a big number of plugins available along with community support. Features include: macro recording and playback, Perl compatible regular expression and search/replace options along with the bookmark.

It also provides tabbed editing and code folding.

What is extraordinary in it?

Well it can help in code folding for more than 50 programming language along with scripting.


It is one of the most popular approaches when it comes to front-end development. Its biggest hit is task automation. It has a bundle of plugins for common tasks and still gives you the ability to write as much part as you want. It is also the task runner of javascript.

What makes it even more special?

Well, it allows you to combine the task together and create an even more powerful outcome.


It is actually a full-stack java-script framework and it is made up of the collection of packages and libraries. It has 39265 stars on Git Hub, then there must be some features which are making it so important:

  1. Makes developing applications efficiently
  2. Has front-end libraries and NODE js based server for use
  3. Provides live reloading feature
  4. Also offers MongoDB, Minimongo

Some more important web development tools:

Here are some more tools which are also very important:

  1. Git Extensions
  2. Backbone
  3. Codepen
  4. Foundation
  5. Grd guide
  6. Ionic 2
  7. Angular
  8. Jasmine
  9. HTML boilerplate
  10. Code kit
  11. Live reload
  12. Karma
  13. Ember
  14. Firebug
  15. Atom
  16. Less
  17. js
  18. XAMPP
  19. Ember
  20. Firebug
  21. Macaw

Final words:

Above is the list of few of the Best Web Development Tools and techniques which just don’t only help you in making the best out of your budget. but these are also very helpful in supported languages and also shows the capability of uploading the final product beforehand.

So choosing the right one after doing research will just not help you in the process but save you many bucks as well.