PHP Frameworks are incredibly famous. Almost 80% of world’s websites were using by September 2019.

What makes them the best PHP frameworks in 2019 and the coming years?


How do you know what PHP framework is the most suitable for you?

PHP frameworks help in speeding up the development process in building the websites which are responsive and fulfill all performance needs. There is no great rival against PHP to downgrade it from the position of one of the best PHP frameworks of 2019.

The Top 10 PHP Frameworks of 2019


Laravel is a big help in the website development process to keep it simple, flexible and reusable with coding. It an imperative web development platform with readability and high flexibility features for the quality development of web applications. For this reason, Laravel is one of the most trending PHP web development framework on GitHub.

Still, one question hovers in the mind that what makes Laravel one of the best PHP web development frameworks of 2019?

Let’s find out and dig deep into the crucial reasons behind Laravel’s fame and how it is the best PHP framework.

I. MVS Architecture Support

PHP MVC framework helps to retain the transparency between business development and business purpose. MVC helps Laravel in speeding up, upgrading the performance, and proposes the best documentation in various built-in functions.

II. Configuration and Programming Task Management

It is one of the essential tasks to ensure on-time web application development. As programming task management and configuration involves the crucial functions like clearance of database, systematic management, and sending notices for various tasks. In Laravel, it helps to maintain the schedules through command scheduler. After passing the command, Laravel calculates, plans, and executes all pending tasks.

III. Flexible Installation

Laravel Homestead provides a flexible and well suiting development environment. It is adaptable to install, takes less time in the installation without disturbing other operations running in the system.

IV. Blade Template

It is one of the most reliable and flexible templating engines of Laravel. It is designed from user point of view to be used in its format without putting weight on your applications. It doesn’t limit you to your use plain PHP code. It is also a valuable engine to write multi-language applications and quick enough to cache the compiled perspectives.

   V. Packaging System

A well-built packaging system controls the libraries and various multiple software and automates the task to support web applications. They are the best modules to enhance the development procedure. For this task, Laravel uses a composer that controls the information to manage packages. Some of the most excellent packages of Laravel are IDE helper, Debug bar, and image.

VI. Modular

The best thing about the Laravel framework is that it is created on 20+ different libraries. Even Symfony, Phalcon, Zend Framework 2, CakePHP and Codelgniter cannot have access to these object-oriented libraries.

VII. Artisan Console

Artisan Console is called a command-line interface of Laravel.  Its job is to control database migration, and developing boilerplate code for migrations, models, and controllers, it saves the time of developers, for they don’t have to develop proper code skeletons. For the customized tasks, the developers can extend the functionality of Artisan.

VIII. Pagination

Laravel paginator helps to generate a development-friendly environment as it paginates all data from the database. You can avail of its features for customization, different styling, changing URL, and page length, etc. Laravel Paginator is also paired with Eloquent ORM and query builder to offer maximum flexible usage of big databases.

IX. Object-oriented libraries

Laravel supports multiple object-oriented libraries, which make it one of the best PHP frameworks in 2019. It carries pre-installed multiple libraries.

X. Secured Mechanization

The security and reliability is the topmost concern of Laravel. The password is not saved in a simple text form in the DB.  It uses the most secure techniques such as a token is generated for user log-ins and hackers cannot get into unauthorized access to web pages. It also uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to create an encrypted password. Laravel offers nine security features:

  • New password generation reminder
  • Confirmation
  • Protected gateways
  • HTTP fundamental Authentications
  • Verification Drivers
  • Manual log-in
  • Verification of Users
  • Encryption
  • Passwords Storage

2. Codelgniter

CodeIgniter is one of the robust PHP frameworks of 2019 because of its tiny footprint, designed from developers’ point of view, so they can have a modest and graceful toolkit to build web applications.  CodeIgniter is known for footprint because of its 2 MB size. It is one of the best PHP frameworks appropriate for developing responsive websites. It carries numerous prebuilt modules to help in the smooth construction of reliable and robust web applications.

Why is it one of the best PHP web frameworks of 2019?

It makes the development process flexible, fast, and straightforward. Its installation process is hassle-free and simple.

CodeIgniter is ideal for beginners and easy to learn and master. So, lets keep the web development game on the top!

3. Symfony

Symfony is considered to be a reliable PHP development framework. It was published as free software in 2005.

Symfony framework offers its users the best, unique, fast and friendly web, app developing application features, long-lasting components on which PHP applications are built, including Drupal, phpBB, and eZ Publish.

One can access all Symfony’s components and code at once, offers comprehensive technical documentation, and one can work on large scale websites. Symfony goals are accepting and encouraging advance professionalism, excellent practices, regulation, and interoperability of various applications.

Reasons to use the Symfony framework in 2019

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • A platform for professional developers
  • One can use various platforms
  • Use small memory space
  • Provide reliability, validation, Creation, speed, Configuration, and maintenance
  • 50 stand-alone components
  • Similar features as larval

4. CakePHP

Well, one can assume why it is named as CakePHP? Maybe it’s spongy, sweet, and delicious along with a high amount of calories for developers to build websites. In other words, CakePHP is one of the best PHP frameworks of 2019 because it’s more straightforward, faster, and requires less coding.

The highlights of CakePHP functionalities:

  • Builds Fast
  • No configuration needed
  • Friendly Licensing
  • Clean MVC Conventions
  • Secure and reliable

5. Yii PHP Framework

The reason behind its popularity among the developers is, of course, because it is secure, fast, and one of the efficient PHP frameworks. Besides its flexibility, it is pragmatic too.

How is it fast?

Its optimum functionality and reduces the overload from developers.

How is it Secure?

It is helpful to write the most robust and secure codes.

How is it efficient?

It writes more codes quickly with easy and powerful APIs and code generation functionality.

6. Zend Framework

Zend Framework is no less in its performance, flexibility, security, and reliability from other PHP frameworks of 2019.

Zend Server efficiently develops, debugs, and monitor PHP applications. It has long-term PHP support of PHP services and PHP tools.

7. Phalcon

Phalcon is a PHP web open-source framework based on the model–view controller (MVC) pattern and initially released in 2012, licensed under the terms of the BSD.

It is not like other software and implemented as a web server extension (majorly built as c-extension), aiming to boost speed, and reduce resource usage.

Primary features of Phalcon are stated below:

  • Low memory use and CPU compared to standard frameworks
  • Contains necessary features MVC & HMVC Modules, libraries, controllers, views and models
  • The component includes; form building, template engines, and secure application development.
  • Dependency Injection
  • Suitable performance for REST and APIs, one can use either a micro or full-stack application to meet his/her goal.
  • A robust set of HTTP helpers, Provides the powerful autoloading mechanism of PHP classes following PSR-4.

8. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is an open-source web application framework written in PHP which implements the hierarchical model view controller HMVC originally release in 2011.

FeuelPHP helps its user in its projects as building a framework based on the best ideas from other frameworks, provides powerful functionalities and lightweight codebase. The essential features of FuelPHP, such as URL routing system, RESTful, and HMVC implementation, template parsing, data validation features, ORM, Vulnerability protections, Auth, and Sentry package, and finally caching system. From an architectural point of view, it’s flexible, Modular, extensible, and requires PHP 5.3.

9. PHPixie

PHPixie starts about in mid-2012.PHPixie is a high performance, open-source PHP web application framework that uses the most natural implementation yet enables to create of complex models example, HMVC.

PHPixieis handles things differently as its framework is for reads the only website such as social networking sites, custom web apps, and web application development services, small app development, and various projects.

From an architecture point of view and because of its small size gives the speedy performance to developers, which they want for smaller projects, and it’s best possible for those systems that have limited resources such as a VPS. Primary features include Bundle system, simple code flow, MongoDB support, solidified security, best practice, and direct support.

Reasons to try it out in 2019?

PHPixie supplies more flexibility, elasticity, and simple to learn, the developer is entirely in charge and responsible, direct execution, and opposed to many other lightweight frameworks that do not give a bundle of features, PHPixie provides a limited full stack that emphases on efficiency. Furthermore, it focuses on speed and page load time, Stable and adaptable architecture, simple to learn and user-friendly if one has the experience in Codeigniter or Kohana, and finally Provides a stable codebase.

10. Slim

Slim is a PHP micro-framework to engender simple yet puissant web applications and APIs.

The key features of Slim, such as it provide an expeditious and powerful HTTP Router that maps route callbacks to particular HTTP request methods and URLs. It fortifies parameters and pattern matching. It builds an application with concentric middleware.

Furthermore, Slim supports any PSR-7 HTTP message implementation so one can inspect and manipulate the HTTP message method, status, URI, headers, cookies, and body. Dependency Injection also included in fundamentals. Slim is ideal for new learners as it is simple to learn and use on small web apps.

Concluding Insights

The PHP frameworks are ruling the web developers’ world to present today’s race with a more responsive, flexible, intuitive, and beautiful web experience. Thanks to the top PHP frameworks of 2019 for making the web development process simpler, fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective than ever before.