Apple has introduced a new sensation in the market named as SwiftUI. According to Apple’s Craig Federighi, hundreds of lines of coding will be done in a matter of a few lines of codes. Experts are saying the new SwiftUI technology of Apple is going to take over the market. As one of the main features of SwiftUI is that it uses graphical models to drop in segments on the court and the line ads along with the expansion at the time of coding.

Pull-down menus have also abridged the workload for developers. These pull-down menus make the parameter alternation for the developers stress-free. Developers only have to click a single time in order to shift to the simulator. In addition to that, there is no hard work left in moving the apps to the actual hardware. The SwiftUI also comes with the live editing option in Xcode automatically.

SwiftUI is also integrated with other APIs like ARkit, and it is using left to right language for the purpose of language Optimization. According to the experts, the new edition of Apple can be used across the entire range of Apple platforms. This means it even includes the Apple TV and Apple watches, which has been recently included in the list of Apple products.

What is swiftUI?

What exactly is SwiftUI? after reading all of the good words about swiftUI and hearing it in the news, you must be wondering what exactly it is. Also, you want to update your work frame by adding swiftUI into your go to. If you have been a fan of Designing apps in a decorative way than swiftUI is going to be your best friend.

It is a user interface Toolkit, swiftUI is the future of coding, in which you will tell it how you want your UI to look and work, and it will be the work of SwiftUI to figure out how to make that happen as the user will be interacting with it. Developers worldwide try to understand decorative UI by comparing it with imperative UI. This comparison approach had been the workflow of them before iOS 13.

SwiftUI came into the market at the start of 2019. Moreover, experts are already saying that it is one of the most innovative and still unpretentious ways to build user interference. It is not just limited to some Apple devices; it has the ability to work across all the platforms. The more significant news is that it is usable in any device of Apple with one single set of tools and APIs. SwiftUI works proficiently with the design tools of Xcode and this will lead to the perfect synchronization between your designs and cost.

When it comes to the coding, SwiftUI is going to be the most potent code because of its automatic support for dynamic tape, dark mood, localization, and accessibility. Apple has described SwiftUI in front of the developers as a new paradigm for UI development using swift language. According to them, the coding will be extremely tranquil to write and as well as you to understand. The swiftUI is available in the Xcode 11 Beta IDE, and the key features will amaze you for sure.

WWDC conference, 2019:

Apple has not introduced just one single innovative tool on the WWDC conference of 2019. However, there were many other features, tools, and technologies, along with frameworks being released on the same day. However, SwiftUI is the one who received the maximum response and Applause from the developers and the experts of the industry.

Are you waiting for the feature of speed being associated with a trackpad or with a mouse? Also, are you looking up for features like Touch bars, and then you are in luck. Because the framework of SwiftUI is supposed to be the paramount revolution of the 21st century. Rumors are it is going to give direct competition to Google’s flutter UI framework, and Facebook reacts native to the cross-platform industry.

It is being said that the launch of the SwiftUI development Framework is actually to bring the swift programming language in the market. It is equipped with a myriad of other features that will attract the interest and attention of all the developers around the globe. Moreover, that would lead to the engagement of SwiftUI in their processes or work procedures.

The framework of swiftUI:

if we talk about the framework and the main features of SwiftUI, then the lift list will go on but here are some which can be narrow down to give you an overview.

Native characteristics of swiftUI:

SwiftUI possesses native characteristics. Though, it is introduced to write codes that will work excellently on all the platforms. Thus it has the ability to accept all the functionalities and technologies of any platform. The most significant plus point of SwiftUI is that it will provide interacting user interface UI experience at lightning speed. SwiftUI comes with automatic language Optimization, and its framework is also integrated with APIs.

As a result, the experience of developers along with users will be completely reformed.

 Declarative syntax:

SwiftUI has made the word relatively exceptionally palliative for the developers of iOS. As it comes with the declarative syntax, it has become a piece of cake to decide what you should be doing. Writing code and understanding, it has also, so we came stress-free. For example, you have to explain what exactly you are looking for, like mentioning the details of your list. It will be including the text the font alignment and the color of the items, and the remaining work will be done by SwiftUI for you.

Do you have any experience with animation? If yes, then you are very well aware of that time, consumption comes with producing any single project. However, the experts are saying SwiftUI is going to bring drastic and incomparable change in the difference of procedure. In real terms of time consumption that will lead to unproblematic and easy maintenance.

The work of animation itself will be quite easy for developers as they will be selecting from readymade effects only. And that will be summed up with the help of a few lines of coding. Managing the whole development process, along with handling everything associated with it without any sort of disruption, sounds quite unrealistic. Moreover, handling deployment in a smooth and ultimately dealing with the whole process effortlessly is not just a dream anymore for developers.

SwiftUI has come with the framework which includes all of the features mentioned earlier in it, and Developers have to give the command to get the job done.

Drag and drop feature:

If you are a developer, then and just reading the subheading must have made you tremendously eager. Because the feature itself is very imperative and exhilarating for developers all around the world. With fantastic features of Drag and drop all you have to do is to pick any element and bring it on your Canvas. And after customizing is properties according to your wish, you can rearrange its control and use it for your own purpose.

In order to make your whole work, even more, compose SwiftUI is coming with the feature of already available video editing options. Even if you will be the coder, with these excellent features an upper hand will be always be in your power to monitor any new modifier for every control. This feature is actually being added in order to give intense competition to the programming language like python. Because of this feature, the swift to supersede objective C will have more power, and it will grow in the market.


Are you tired of a single device to preview your masterpiece of design? Then SwiftUI is here to help you. It is the opportunity that will bring freshness and inventiveness into the work of all the developers. Because the framework of swiftUI comes with the ability to create more than one preview of the design, and then it will give you the option of displaying on multiple devices in diverse orientations.

This feature will give a free hand to the developers to experiment with their designs and to come up with a better version in terms of the color or the layout in different types. They will be able to modify their present work at the same time.

 Dynamic replacement feature:

Swift compiler and runtime will be fully interleaved with Xcode 11 it has been announced at the Apple WWDC event of 2019. This feature has actually modernized the market already. Because with this iOS app development companies will be able to build and run their application in real time. The developers will be able to see the live application itself rather than just showcasing the outline of an approximate user interface.

This real-time ability to eye the application is going to bring the best out of every developer. Developers also will be given the opportunity of using the dynamic replacement factor. Also, with the help of a dynamic replacement feature, they will be able to swap edit code in the live application which has never been done before.

 iOS 13 compatibility:

Dark mode, dynamic type localization, and other accessibility options are the main features of the UI framework. These are the default support for SwiftUI, which will make it the best UI framework to write your code. According to the reviews of experts, all the frameworks and features which are being explained by Apple in the recent event SwiftUI framework is the major transformation maker of the market. Through this, developers will have a bigger field to play in an experiment.

iOS developers will be able to build iOS mobile apps and just not reserved for the native functionality now. They will also be able to enter, and the fear of losing your hold of native functionality will never even be a question for them. In addition to all the features mentioned above, the extra smidgen of cross-platform would act as the nail in the coffin for the developers to go for the Swift programming language now.

Top iOS UI libraries are written in Swift for the past year:

Here is the list of few of the top most useful iOS user interface written in Swift

  • Folding cell
  • Collection view slanted layout
  • Bartinter
  • Login critter
  • Swift entry kit
  • SP stork controller
  • Alerts and pickers
  • Subtle volume
  • Fluid interfaces
  • Sica
  • Card parts
  • Card presentation controller
  • Floating panel
  • SP permission
  • Voice overlay iOS


After reading the features and framework of swiftUI, every developer is excited beyond limits to try it. Will it be able to stand out and match the hype created by Apple at WWDC, 2019? Well, the developers are already a devotee and an admirer. So I guess it is time for the world to change a little and make space for splendid addition in the industry.

Use swiftUI and let us know about your experience.