Innovation is the only thing that keeps us going, and that is not limited to any single industry. Every industry from Healthcare to technology is moving forward, and every single sector of life is welcoming change, and as a result, every single industry is touching new heights. Similar is a situation in the industry of IT. In fact, it is being considered to be one of those sectors which go through interminable alterations at all times.

According to the researchers, Software Development is the number one job in the United States. However, the demand for developers is not something out of the blue. It has always been the most arduous and imperative job, and the developers are never out of business. But the IT industry has increased in a marvelous proportion in the last two years. And one of the biggest reasons is the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that has made the technology industry a whole new deal.

If we are talking about the developers, then it is not just aligned to one sector of the IT industry, but developers play a tremendously important role in every area of life on the planet of Earth now. That is the reason why more and more people are moving towards the development region and Trending Technology. Every year brings new and essential changes in the industry of technology. The same is the case with this year of 2019, this year is very crucial for the sector of technology, and we should look forward to the practices which will dominate 2019.

With every coming year, there is a whole new advancement and restructuring in the development procedures, and that brings Industries to the updated versions which they are today. If you just focus on one technology of IT, lets it be Blockchain Technology. It is predicted by experts that it along will bring 2312 million dollars of investment by 2021. And dramatic growths like these are the source of motivation for all the developers which is pushing them to work even harder with every passing day. All the hard work is that it is bringing the current industry to the position it is right now.

Software development Practices That Are Dominating 2019:

In the evolving time of the 21st century, it is very essential to be aware of the Advancement in The Technology and what is going on around your world in order to survive and in order to keep up with the trends. So that you can benefit from your business in the best way possible and to full potential. If we are talking about the practices of Software Development which will dominate 2019, then the first has to be artificial intelligence.

 Artificial Intelligence:

Organizations of all the sizes throughout the world are saying the same thing that digital transformation is the core part of their business Strategies now. And this transformation helps them to compete in the market, and that also makes some stand out from the rest. All the business leaders belonging to the different sectors and different categories of organizations, all of them agree on one single thing, and that is artificial intelligence plays a critical role in Digital Transformation.

As artificial intelligence has made its way into the market, so the researchers are also working on how it is going to take up the market and predicting its future. According to researchers and experts, the revenue of the artificial industry is going to reach 1.2 trillion dollars by the end of the year 2019, and that would be 70% more from the last year. As we all know that artificial intelligence is getting into everything and in every industry nowadays so it is very much significant for every business owner and enterprises to keep up with the trend so that they can benefit and be a part of 1.2 trillion dollar industry.

Researchers are saying that artificial intelligence drive businesses are going to reach a value of 3.9 trillion dollars by 2022. It would be really unfair of you not to contribute and make your business one of those industries which is going to earn trillions by 2022. According to another research conducted in the feature of artificial intelligence has shown that almost 40% of the organizations Around the World are already using artificial intelligence as their main module.

And it is very much clear that artificial intelligence technology is here to stay and is going to rule the next few years for sure. Until unless the technology becomes mainstream and something new pop-ups which will be even more fantastic and amazing then artificial intelligence itself. From enhancing the quality of services provided the business and improving the customer experience, the companies are implementing artificial intelligence Technology for the execution of many other tasks as well.

Few of the practical applications which we can say to be the main representing of that artificial intelligence can be assistance smartphones; voice-activated home assistance and many other more things which have become a part of our daily routine life now. If you want to be a part of the market of 2019, you want to survive in the technological world, then you have to keep up with Artificial Intelligence Development.

A research conducted by experts is showing that many businesses and companies are converting to the Machine Learning Development Services as a necessity. As a subset of artificial intelligence is machine learning, and deep learning and those subsets are gaining insane popularity among the businesses. Artificial intelligence is not just helping the companies in refining their current state, but it is also making the tasks and work procedure very simple and easy to proceed for organizations.

Artificial intelligence has made its way to mathematics education banking, Healthcare, and what not and artificial intelligence Technology has also provided excellent support for experimentation to the Web App Developers.

Blockchain Technology:

Who is not aware of Bitcoin in the 21st century? Everyone is mindful of the cryptocurrency, which brings a revolution into the investment industry, and that is actually the outcome of the introduction of blockchain into the market. However, blockchain technology has many other applications on the contrary to Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency available in the market.

In order to store data or information and save it from any sort of modification or stealing process by anyone, the Bitcoin provides you peer to peer network of interconnected computers. Because of the Blockchain technology, there is no need for Central identities, and it is actually a distributed ledger Technology which does the work for the business owners itself.

If you are talking about the company of 2019, then you will come to know almost all the companies and industries are inclined towards blockchain technology. Either they have adopted that already or they are going to adopt in the very coming future. Because it is an extraordinary safe from all of the stealing and modification which comes with the usage of computers.

If you are not ready for expensive intermediaries and you want to conduct large scale transactions, so blockchain is your go-to. Because it does not even require any sort of time for that, and this technology will also reduce the cost of your work. Administration to medical to supply chain to health care all of the mainstream processes and their industries are moving towards a blockchain in order to save the money and save time as well.

Researches have shown that all of the leading Tech companies have already stepped in and using the blockchain game with their platforms to perform in extraordinary manners.

Who is aware of the IBM launch of the IBM blockchain platform? IBM blockchain platform is now working with all of the mainstream platforms including banks governments and distributors after that launch and primary Industries like Microsoft Amazon, and Oracle is also seeing their future with the help of blockchain Technology. The blockchain has become the best technology in the software world right now. And as mentioned earlier, the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wouldn’t be a part of the market today if it was not for blockchain technology.

Just not tech Industries but media and Publication organizations are also very fond of blockchain Technologies by now, and they are extensively using it in their finance sector. That is not just saving them money but saving them a lot of time as well. The predictions have already been defined of how blockchain technology is going to take over the contemporary world of technology and how the market will be looking forward to all the organizations which are associated with blockchain technology.

The straightforward transaction process and the decentralized procedure has made the blockchain an essential strategic tool for all the businesses. And that is the reason why blockchain app developers are in demand these days and all of the companies are looking forward to these development services. Companies are hiring all of the developers from all-round the world in order to make their bucks easily.

Progressive Web Apps:

Who is aware of what precisely progressive web apps are? Progressive web apps are actually the website for the web pages, which usually acts like a native mobile application, so they are known as progressive web applications. Progressive web applications come with the benefit of two like the feature of browser Technology along with the mobile experience application. It has been the trend for 2017 and according to the research is it is going to maintain its place in 2019 as well.

Because these applications are very less complicated to develop and relatively very easy to maintain. On the other hand, when it comes to conventional mobile apps, developers need to create a whole new set of codes if they want to create the browser application. And if they are going for mobile data, then they have to cover a whole new dimension. So progressive web apps come handy, and the businesses are looking forward to these applications,

The amalgam of web and mobile apps are entirely different from regular Mobile Applications. As the scripts of PWAs are known as service workers, and that is an integral part, and the majority work of the progressive web app is based on those scripts. If you are looking for a relatively cheap application with easy distribution and need a faster time for the market service, so progressive web applications are your answer. And all these modifications make them different from native mobile apps.

The progressive web apps are elementary to develop along with easy maintenance, and they have attracted many mobile application development companies. And these companies are primarily just focusing on this application instead of the native mobile application or conventional mobile applications. Because these applications have the ability to load very fast even with the internet speed is deficient, so that acts as a win situation for the user and for the provided as well.


As a regular user of internet and technology, who have not come across the cybersecurity issue? 18% of the organization of the world has reported at least once a year about an issue related to cybersecurity according to research by alert logic. The biggest concern for the businesses in the world of technology is cybersecurity and the data which is being stolen.

According to the figures, the biggest concern of 67% of industrialists and business owners is the protecting Data loss and the leakage of their data. The data privacy is 61% that reaches for the confidentiality of 53%. So these statistics indicate that the business all around the world is affected by the cybersecurity and they are looking forward to software which will not only deal with the situation but will be a permanent solution for them for the rest of their existence.

Have you ever thought about life without security at all, even that it is at your home or at the workplace? Probably that is not also a question to ponder. As privacy and security is an essential parameter for human life. So the issue of cybersecurity is the very main problem and it, and it is a very primary concern for the custom software developers as losing their software is a crucial issue for them. Because they worked hard to produce something entirely out of the world and wholly customized and personalized for one single business. And when a cybercrime happened, they lose all of the credentials along with the hard work they have done for months for that one unique software.

So all businesses, along with custom software developers, are looking forward to a permanent solution from this constant threat.

 Final words:

Web and custom app developers are working really hard to sustain and upgrade comfort levels for humans. So it is very essential for all the companies around to map to come up to that level. Keeping up with the Trends of software technology is the key in the market of the 21st century. In order to outshine software consulting companies can be a go-to for your business. Finding proper consultation and a software leader can help you in becoming the best of your own field.

The information technology industry is evolving all the time, and there is an ongoing development taking place, which leads to new Trends and practices.  Practices of Software Development which are going to dominate the year of 2019 require more than just the basic skill set. So it is never too late to learn new things and hence your skill sets in order to outshine enjoy the ascendancy and domination in the market.