The latest trends in the Software Development Industry are helping the IT industry to evolve. Software development is flourishing day by day with advanced features.

The technology is emerging at very high speed. Each day comes with the invention of new software with advanced features. Nothing is constant in the IT industry. From shopping to education, we are surrounded by software applications. As a new software get released, it demands also rises. With demands, the software applications get modifications to provide a good user experience.

Trends in software development industry change from time to time. Digitalization is totally dependent on advanced innovations. Every year the technology introduces new trends in the IT industry. From artificial intelligence to the blockchain, the Software Development Industry is evolving day by day.

Software Development Industry:

Software development industry is no doubt the fastest going of today’s world. The present time is the time of digitalization and almost everything is software dependent. Every year brings new trends in software development which secure high rate success due to the demand for software.

IT professionals and software developers are meeting new challenges because every technology brings something new in the process of software development. The basic need of IT industry is getting up to date.

The past few years introduced some exceptional software development trends like cryptocurrency, augmented virtual reality, mobile computing etc. A report presented by Gartner in 2018, forecasted the growth of 8.3% in the IT industry in 2019. The reason behind the success of the IT industry is the creativity and introduction to New Techniques in the Software Development process. Information technology cannot stay static because it requires new approaches to the development of new technology.

Latest Trends in Software Development Industry:

The field of software development is gaining popularity due to the enhancement of software development methods. The restyling of development approaches develops new trends in software development. The latest trends in the software development industry are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Low Code Development
  • Code Quality
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Language Trends
  • Cyber Security
  • Outsourcing
  • IoT
  • Mixed Reality

All these software development trends transform the process of software development. The software development trends modify every year as technology advances.

Artificial Intelligence:

The concept of artificial intelligence comes from the human intelligence system. Artificial intelligence is also known as machine intelligence in which the machines are designed to respond on its own without any human aid. This technology has revolutionized the digital world by reducing the rate of human errors. The idea behind artificial technology is easy enough to understand. AI includes Developing Software that responds intelligently to any given command. Siri and Cortana are huge examples of AI technology.

According to the report presented by Garnet in 2018, the AI-driven business is expected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022. In the USA, 40% of companies have adopted AI technology for process automation. Moreover, many companies provide machine learning services which not only improvise the tasks but also increase the business in the software market.

Artificial intelligence is bound to become more intelligent. It can be predicted that artificial intelligence will dominate the world in a few upcoming years. Due, to its performance and demand artificial intelligence seems to have a promising future.


The technology of blockchain has introduced digital currency to the modern world. Blockchain technology simplifies banking transactions. It gained popularity via cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the main example of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes an easy way to perform bank transactions by creating a single archive for different parties. The blockchain is a network of interconnected computers which can not be accessed by any third-party. The data is stored in the computers and no third-person can modify it. The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. Moreover, blockchain removes the need for central entities. The other uses of blockchain include:

  • Identity Management
  • Resources Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Contracts
  • Healthcare Data

In 2017, IBM introduced the IBM blockchain platform which was planned to collaborate with banks, government distributors, and many more. According to a report by Forbes in 2018, 10 largest companies started to work on the blockchain. Due to its popularity and need, it is predicted that blockchain technology will be adopted by many companies in 2019. Due to this, the need for blockchain developers will also rise. It is interesting to know that huge companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon are already investing in blockchain technology.

Low Code Development:

The low code is a unique trend however, it gained extreme popularity in the software business. Before the introduction of low code in the world, app development was restricted to complex codes of programming languages. The low code development provides an easy and fastest approach to software development and deploys enterprise-level applications. People with no technical background can build enterprise applications by using visual programming, drag and drop modules, and automatic code generation tools. Time-to-market is an important aspect of software success. with low code, development apps can be created in a short time.

The low code development makes the client understand the project in better ways. Furthermore, the client can also make changes in the project. In 2019, low code development is operating by many companies. According to the prediction of Forrester, the low code platform will generate $10 billion in 2019. It should be noted that low code development is not suitable for the projects that have requirements of complex codes. For example, the complex and open-end processes need custom coding as the best option. The low coding development is suitable for the projects which have a clear structure.

Code Quality:

Software demand and complexity is increasing day by day. The complexity of the software requires quality codes and good development approaches. Technology is evolving at a very high rate so that it is important for software development to improve the code quality and programming languages. The quality of the code directly influences the quality of the software. Every software development project should have clear requirements so that the coding and development approach can be selected accordingly.

Progressive Web Applications:

The progressive web applications are trending today. The progressive web application is neither a web application nor mobile application but is a mixture of both. Therefore, progressive web applications are known as hybrid apps. Progressive web applications act like mobile or conventional apps. These apps work on a script called service worker which is an integral part of the app. The progressive apps are faster to load and easy to develop. The main advantage of PWA is to provide benefits of mobile experience with features of browser technology. This means that progressive web applications have all the information, features, and Capabilities of a Mobile App and the user does not have to download it. PWAs increase user engagement and increase conversions among multiple industries e.g. travel, media, banking, e-commerce, healthcare etc.

Progressive web applications are not device restricted and can be run on desktops, tablets, mobiles etc. BMW experienced 3-4 faster load time and a 30% higher click-through rate with its progressive web app. Moreover, it gained 26% or more mobile users. It is expected that more business websites will switch to progressive web applications in 2019.

Language Trends:

In 2019, the top trending programming languages are JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, C/C++ etc. Moreover, in the software development world, JavaScript is used by most of the full stack developers. The JavaScript language is highly adaptive and can also create hybrid applications. There are other many programming languages used in the Process of Software Development. It is important to select precisely which programming language would be suitable for the project. The most used programming languages include Node.js, Angular, .NET etc.

Today, 71.5% of developers use JavaScript in software development. The use of other languages is Node.js 49.9% and Angular 36.9%. Anyhow, JavaScript dominates over other programming languages in both backend and frontend.

Cyber Security:

The internet has become the necessity of life. Cybersecurity is a critical topic in the world of internet. Despite the beneficial services of internet, it also has some negative effects such as security threats and spams etc. Software developers take cybersecurity as a major concern. In the digital world of today, most of the business data is uploaded on computer servers which can be hacked easily. When developing an app, the software developers make sure that the software is hard to crack. Cybersecurity is done in two ways, either external or internal. Externally, project industrialists take care of cybersecurity with startup security plans. The internal cybersecurity process involves the security building of the business software which is performed by the DevOps developers’ team.

According to the research by Alert Logic, 18% of questioned organizations experienced at least one security incident within one year. Protecting the data loss which is 67% is considered as a priority by software developers. Moreover, the threats to data privacy are 61% and breaches of confidentiality are 53%. Almost every industry is facing cybersecurity problems nowadays. The reason behind that is the sharing of data at the enterprise level. Due to this reason, most of the Software Development Companies provide cybersecurity support. As more and more software programs are getting developed the need for cybersecurity support is increasing.


The trend of outsourcing is spreading greatly all over the world. To outsource something means to get services from a third-party company. The market for global outsourcing is rising every year. Most of the companies prefer to outsource a project rather than arranging a whole team for a one-time project. For example, if an IT company does not have resources of a certain project, the company will outsource the project by a third-party company. Outsourcing is cost effective and it provides professional services. Furthermore, many companies are providing Outsourcing Services in different functional areas. Therefore, outsourcing is considered as the best option as compared to in-house developers training.

According to a survey by Statista, outsourcing is spreading worldwide at a very fast rate. IT companies also outsource projects by giving the project to trained third-party developers. The software demand is increasing every day which increases the need for full-stack software developers.


The IoT system abbreviates as the internet of things which interrelate the computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, etc. with the help of unique identifiers. IoT systems have the ability to transfer data over a network without the aid of human-machine or human-human interaction. IoT software development is the latest advancement in the IT industry. The effects of IoT has spread on both consumer and industrial scale. IoT technology binds multiple technologies together. The phenomenon used in IoT is edge computing. It uses a mesh of microdata centers which process the data near the devices or at the edge of the network. All of this data gets stored in a centralized data center. This makes IoT devices to perform faster real-time analytics.

According to an estimation by PWC, over 90% of automobiles will be IoT enabled by 2020. This rate of control and connectivity will provide incremental efficiency in the fields of logistics, supply chain, and transportation. Moreover, it is expected that IoT devices will rise up to 26.66 billion by the end of 2019.

The ecosystem of IoT is very big. IoT has introduced the wearables like Apple Watch, Apple Gear, and Fitbit in the world of technology. Moreover, the future of IoT promises to drives fewer cars, automatic home appliances, communication devices, and many more. The IoT developers are focusing on developing applications that give the user access to controlling devices at any time from anywhere.

Mixed Reality:

The mixed reality, as the name indicates, is the mixture of twin technologies of augmented reality and virtual reality. Among these two technologies, AR has gained an incredible amount of success due to its integration of smartphone apps. VR, on the other hand, requires high specifications.

The mixed reality is also known as hybrid reality. It is the merging of real and virtual reality which produces an environment where physical and digital things co-exist and can interact in real time. The mixed reality is being integrated on a large scale in newly developed web apps and mobile apps. In these apps, the customer can interact with the services provided. For instance, e-commerce stores have introduced to try an outfit on a digital mannequin. Likewise, mixed reality let you design your house and buildings virtually. Customized products are also the result of mixed reality. Mixed reality and 3D mapping are also used in educational programs. Mixed reality is an emerging trend and soon it will be common in this digital world.

All these above-mentioned trends describe the present demands and Requirements of Software Development processes. These trends are not constant because the software requirements get changed with the passage of time. Although, these trends are emerging in 2019 and will surely dominate the world in the future.