In the era of digital transformation, it is practically impossible to be successful in the true sense without being an active tech company. It is accurate and precise for every nature of the business. Because everybody of the 21st century is addictive to mobile devices. And according to research, almost 70% of the total time is being spent on mobile applications. Hence it indicates the future of business at the end of the day.

Being totally aware of technology and what market holds is the basic measurement of determining the success rate of the company. Because how customers are reaching you and interacting with you defines business growth.

As these days, being a tech company is a very crucial requirement for making a mark in the market. Because it is the best way of targeting your audience in the vast spectrum. It just doesn’t give the company a whole a lot of exposure but the customers and consumers also prefer this online presence. That presence can be in the form of a website, mobile application, and many other ways. This online availability helps the customers to have interaction on the time slot of their own preference.

What is Software development?

Software Development is the broader term of creating, developing, and maintaining the applications and software to tackle different business needs.

How software development companies are working in 2019?

Software Development Companies are working with international and local corporations. That might include small scale businesses, entrepreneurs, or proper large scale setups. These development companies are working with the frame of mind of targeting the needs of every particular business absolutely in a different and unique way. The very main priority of any Software Development Company is the expansion of business overall.

And keeping the good work continue is also considered as the main key to success. In terms of software development, it will be the timely maintenance of application or software. Software Development Companies offer the whole team to engage in and bring the best possible result for the owners and the customers.

Software development workflow can be summarized in understanding the need, development, enhancement, and maintenance of the software.

What services the software development companies’ offer?

Well, the most predictable answer would be the service of creating software for business owners. These developers work on mobile applications, desktop applications, web applications, and designing applications.

But here is an in detail explanation of services of software development companies:

Full cycle developers with extensive UX/UI:

The development companies provide the full cycle mobile and web app development team to the business owners. And that team includes extremely skilled and entire experts of the technology with specialized knowledge. These team members work on the quality of the outcome.

As the users of today’s era are mobile devices users, along with desktop devices. Therefore creating the design compatible for both, the desktop and mobile devices are a very integral step. These developers have a very wealthy experience and knowledge to tackle all the requirement and needs of eCommerce customers. And they also know how to satisfy their clients.

Making an utterly unique, clean and user-friendly application is the main focus of software development team. These team members also have a complete grip over visual designing, mobile app designing, HTML along with PSD and all the other techniques which are involved in the software development overall.

Enterprise resource planning applications:

Actually ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software. It actually helps the organization to manage the business along with maintenance of the back offline function related to services and human resources.

Organizations prefer to use a compiling system of integrated applications which help in managing product planning, development, manufacturing, along with sales and marketing of product and services all at the same time.

Here is some top-rated ERP software which is doing wonders in providing integrated solutions that allow businesses to touch new heights of success.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. SAP business All-in-one
  3. SAP S/4HANA
  4. bright pearl
  5. ePROMIS
  6. xTuple
  7. activate
  8. Microsoft Dynamics GP

And the list can go on.

Blockchain solutions:

The block-chain is actually considered as the backbone of a new type of internet. As it has made the distribution of digital information relatively easy along the users and it is not considered copying. And this acts as the main selling point of the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto. Blockchain can be simply portrayed as the way of passing the information from the carrier to the receiver in the safest way possible in an automated manner.

3 categories of blockchain technology:

  1. Decentralization
  2. Transparency
  3. Immutability

Data visualization software:

Well, it is considered to be one of the most important steps when it comes to uncovering value from data. According to Tableau’s 2019 Business intelligence trend reports, there will be a boom of data storytelling in the analytics process. For example, it will present the step by step representation of progression in the form of multi-pages or scrolling dashboards.

It will also give the edge of open conversation to every member of the organization to put their ideas and thoughts on the table. As the businesses have become very much conscious of the feedback they are getting from their customers. Therefore, an application like this comes handy.

This approach helps in keeping the track from the target audience ratio to the progress of the sales. Every step is being analyzed carefully. And the biggest perk of this software is the ability of reader-friendly visuals along with graphs. This has made the process of keeping track of company sales, daily visits, and all the other main factors a lot easier.

Here are some data visualization tools:

  1. Visme
  2. Highcharts
  3. QlikView
  4. Domo
  5. Zoho analytics
  6. IBM Watson analytics
  7. Infogram
  8. Alteryx
  9. SAP analytics cloud
  10. Klipfolio

And the list can go on.

Social media app and video chat:

Who is not aware of these two terminologies? Everyone is a mobile device user and user of social media applications as well. These applications are defined as the best and the most effective platforms to target any segment of the audience.

As people from all the age groups, communities, ethnicity, religion, and culture are available on it. So marketing your services and products is comparably very easy and convenient through these platforms.

Well, video chat is also a term of daily life. Everyone uses that facility. Same is the case with the businesses owners; they also like to provide the facility to their potential customers and consumers to have real-time interaction for the best results possible.

QA and software testing:

QA stands for quality assurance. What exactly is quality assurance? It is the process of keeping the check and balance on quality of the service. Quality assurance is basically the activity to make sure the product is up to the mark before delivering it to the client. Because the organization at the receiving end is going to make sure the quality of the software before receiving it. And it is done according to the market set standard.

The life cycle of quality assurance is called the Deming cycle and it has 4 phases.

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check
  • And act

And at the end of all of these processes, starting from planning to implementing, the organizations first check the quality through proper testing. It’s made sure that the product is up to the mark and proper procedure is being followed for it.

IT staff augmentation:

IT staff augmentation is actually the process of subtracting the human resources completely based on the skill requirements. And the completion of the project that focuses on the time frame also plays an important role in the augmentation of staff. It helps the organization to decide the number of developers and the nature of their stay for their project.

It is convenient for any size of the project, ranging from small to large and the number of a staff member can vary from just 1 to 50s. And the duration of the project plus the project scope also plays an important role for selection. The level of flexibility and transparency is really high but the client has full control over the whole procedure and progress.

Project cost can also vary from a small amount to a very large number. And as far as reporting is concerned, the team members are supposed to report on a daily basis. Contract type is timely in most of the case and agile methodology is a commonly used technique for this category.

Application modernization:

Application modernization is a self-explanatory term. It is actually the process of designing either to create a whole new business value or give an update to the already existing one. It helps in converting the old school software according to the demands of the modern day.

And this gives a whole new shift to the progress of the business. Although it is a pretty expensive procedure, but is worth spending on, at the end. It helps in aligning the latest functionalities with the business needs really effectively.

The strategy can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Re-platforming
  2. Re-hosting
  • Re-coding
  1. Re-factoring
  2. Re-architecture
  3. Re-building
  • Replacement/retirement

UI/UX development and design:

UX designs are actually the process of user experience design and the UI design refers to the user interface design. Both of this approach is considered as the backbone of the IT product and need to work together to get the maximum results.

UX design is a new field which focuses on the development of digital products. The strategies include competitor analysis, consumer analysis, product analysis, and content development.

Whereas in UI design, look and feel, interactivity between providers and consumers, and making the design easy to use for users is a priority. These UI designers work on those segments only where users interact with the products.

Managed IT:

Software development companies don’t only provide you the services for the development of the application. But they also offer you the most experienced and skilled experts which help in making the whole process a lot easier. These experts make sure all the IT related services are fully functional and the equipment is in accordance with the software.

Cloud service and backup:

Backing up the data for later use is very important. Yes, it is easy to use devices for every task. But there is always the risk of losing everything in a matter of a blink of an eye. So having a backup of all the important data is a crucial requirement of every organization. These services from the developers will keep the data safe from any wrong hands as well.

Cloud service is basically the provider of data backup. It saves a lot of time and also saves you from many unnecessary sisters. So having a professional IT provider for that cloud service is very vital.

Technology partnership:

The professionals building the software act like the partners and share the real vision of the company. The developing team then focuses on providing the best possible outcome which will maximize the benefits. The over-all engagement factor is way higher with the team as compared to the outsourced developers.

Designing and branding:

Designing usually happens in UX/UI category but creating a completely unique image in the eyes of consumers fall in the category of branding. This effort brings a positive emotion which is very fundamental and crucial, as it attracts potential customers to products. It helps in building the bond and long-term emotional ties which is beneficial for both parties. And proper and significant designs play a very vital role in attracting the attention of users in the first place.

Post-launch monitoring:

Software development companies are not just responsible for the creation of the software. But maintaining and keeping a check for updates is also their responsibility. As Software Development is a progressive process, it doesn’t really end at one single point.

Even though, the focus of developers shifts from application to the business. And that is the right approach too but leaving the application entirely is never good. Because developers never want to experience anything just because of their focus diversion. For example in terms of costly downtime or an unexpected issue. Therefore they always have an eagle eye on the performance of the application to monitor it effectively.

No development company is looking forward to having a failure at the time of handling the application or at the time of attracting the customers. So there is always a focus on the application performance, all the time. And the developers are always ready to update it if anything comes up, which will cause an issue later on.

Yes, that is obvious that the number of developers will not be the same. And now few people can monitor the application efficiently.

That is how the top software developments companies are working in 2019. And provide all of the above-mentioned facilities to the clients.

Decide on software development company chooses the budget and quality of the software. So opting the best possible team will be beneficial in terms of money, time, and future benefits as well. Selecting the right team for software development will not provide you with all of these services. But they will work as the partners and will help you in the best way possible.