If you are having a small business in the USA, then you must have felt the need of having a Custom Software for your business. if you are already having a Custom Software for your business, then it is fine enough. unless or until it is updated according to the updated business requirements and Customer Expectations. But if you are trying to have one for you for the first time, then there might be a lot of different questions in your mind.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the questions that come into your mind before having a Custom Software Solution for you. Also, you will be guided on how to Hire The Best-Dedicated Software Developers for your business application.

What is custom Software Development:

Before talking on how to Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers, let us first talk about what is Custom Software Development. Custom Software Development is a process of developing Custom Software with all the requirements that are clarified by the client before initiating the developing the development process.

The development teams make it sure to develop all the modules of the application exactly the same way, the client is looking for. if for example, the client is not sure about the requirements that he wants to be there in the application, then our Professional Developers and business analysts listen to the nature of the business and then suggest a preliminary model to the client to make sure he is confident with the requirements listed down by the development team. If he is comfortable with that, the team starts the developing process. If he thinks that some of the things, he wants extra or don’t want into the application he can specifically guide the development team to modify that specific part of the application.

Things you need to know before hiring a dedicated software developer

If you have an online business and you want to Hire a Team of Dedicated Software Developers to have a Custom Software Solution for your enterprise, then there might be a lot of questions into your mind. Like where you can get the best services. Will they provide quality software or not? Whether they offer revisions and updates to the project or not and much more. Here, we will discuss what necessary things you must know before hiring a dedicated custom software developer.

There is always a plus to have a developer team of your own. But for some reason, if you don’t have a team of your own or you are a startup company, the following things you must keep in mind to Hire a Dedicated Software Developer Online.

  • Gathering Recommendations from credible sources
  • Contacting the developers using freelance portals like Upwork
  • Searching through social media and LinkedIn to find good developers
  • Looking for professional developers online
  • Engaging a managed service provider to deliver software development services.
  • Networking in various software development community events.

If you follow the above checklist carefully, you are more likely o get the Best Online Dedicated Custom Software, developers. Here we will discuss in detail certain pros and cons of the above checklist.

Gathering information from Credible Resources.

It is always a good approach to ask around to your friends or relatives who might have recently hired a team of online dedicated developers who successfully developed software for them. It is also important to note that the skill set required for a specific type of project can differ. So you have to find the teams that are a perfect fit in terms of skills that you are looking for.

Contact the developers using Freelancer Portals:

There are some of the top freelancer portals where you can find the best talent. Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Behance.com, Fiverr.com are some of the top freelancer platforms. These freelance market places can provide you with the best-skilled developers for the desired skills you have been looking for. this approach has many benefits including the following.

  • Search and shortlist the relevant candidates quickly
  • The applicants also provide their expertise, skills and their portfolios
  • Every developer or team has a rating based on reviews given by their customer. This can help you trust the skills of a person that you are hiring.
  • These teams are actively searching for the new jobs so there is a chance that you may find the right person for your project.

Looking for Professional Developers online:

With the passage of time, when these freelancer teams are trained enough, and they make a successful career in providing online development services, then, they start providing online development services through their personal websites. They can be a good source for you to develop the custom software for your business. all you have to do is to search for a particular service, for example, mobile application development or custom software development and you will find hundreds of websites that are providing online developing services. You can spend some time until you end up finding a perfect match for your business software solution.

How to know, the chosen team is good for your project:

There are certain things that can guide you whether the team that you have hired is the best match for you or not. Some of them are listed below.

Company Record:

If the company that you are approaching is a startup company, then they may handle the simpler and shorter projects. While on the other hand if your project has something complex to deal with, then there are chances that the team may fall apart while developing such a complex module. So, you have to make sure that the company that you are working with has a good company record for at least 3 to 4 years.

Team Size:

For smaller teams, it may be tricky and difficult to handle the pressures and the shortcomings that come within the development process. So, it is always suggested to hire a team with minimum or 40 -50 developers to efficiently handle the complexities.


The companies that you approach, always have something to show before sending you a proposal. It can be a portfolio or a couple of projects that they have created in the past that can help you make a decision what company is suitable for the type of project or skills that you are looking for. You can also ask for the company for their projects or software products that they have made to make sure that you are looking forward to hiring a team of best-skilled developers for your project.

Customer Reviews:

The other thing that matters a lot before hiring the team of developers is reading the customers reviews about the company that you are approaching to have a software build. If you are not sure about the reviews that the reviews are genuine or fake, then the only solution is to choose the developers that have the best reviews by their customers or you can ask the public about the company on many of the online forums that can help you out about the company’s history and status.

It is the common practice of most of the companies that they publish their customer reviews onto their website that helps the customers to have an idea about their experience and how they are carrying most of the development process.

WADIC – Who We Are?

We are a dedicated software development company in the USA and we have been providing the custom software development services across the USA for the past one and a half decade. We have made a lot of success in the development industry we excel in providing the desired software development solutions including mobile application development including both Android and IOS platforms, full stack development and developing cross-platform applications for your businesses. WADIC also excels in providing the data integration services and complete support in SQL Database and Cloud technologies.

UI/UX Designs:

Before having an application, you must have an attractive user interface design for your web application or android / IOS mobile applications. WADIC provides you with the best software interface designs. We have a totally different way of designing and developing these custom software solutions here at WADC. We always care about the user experience and make sure that it is pretty simple and easy for the users. To improve the user experience, we make sure that the application is easy to use and all the information is clear and displayed properly to the users.

Android Application development:

Android has become a very popular operating system for the past few decades. That is the reason, people are moving towards having an android application custom developed for your business. if you have a business and you have a great number of targeted audience that you feel that you must have an android application for your application, then we can help you have a unique android application developed for you. WADIC has a professional and dedicated team of Android developers with ultimate knowledge and skills in their respected fields. You can have the best android development services for your business application with the help of our hard-working teams with proven experience in android development. Together, we can help your business reach a height of maximum profit and help you grow the size of your business as well.

IOS Application Development:

As there is a great proportion of people in the US that are using IOS operating system devices. There is also a great competition between the Android and IOS developers and with the continuous updating in the technology, the requirement for the expert developers in the updated technology is increasing day by day. WADIC has a competent team of IOS developers that have proven the experience of developing IOS applications within the time-sensitive situations and they have great courage to meet the deadlines.

You can have IOS development services from the dedicated team members of WADIC. It will help you grow your business and take your income and profit to the next level by providing the best IOS applications with great user experience and interactive user-interface.

Front-End Development:

When a design has been proposed by the designer, the very first thing that the developers do is to code the front-end part first to make sure that the development phase is going in the right direction. Secondly, front-end is the part of your software application that the user interacts for the first time. So, it is very important to code for the front-end design the same way as proposed by the designer.

Here, at WADIC, we make sure that all of the front end required to stand a proper software application Is perfectly coded to make sure that the user experience is also not compromised and the thing looks attractive too.  If you are looking for front-end development services across the USA, then WADIC is the best option for you. We have a dedicated team of frontend developers that can build interactive front-end designs using all of the popular and latest technologies in the development market. You can hire a dedicated front-end developer using WADIC so make your software appearance look more attractive and professional.

Back-end Development:

Backend development is referred to as writing the core logic of your software application to manage the things on the front-end part. Backend development has always been a crucial part of the development stage and requires a lot of time to handle things more smoothly. Here, At WADIC, we make sure that all of the back-end development tasks are done with great efficiency and make sure that the custom business logic has been satisfied. If you have a business and you are looking for a developer to have code the custom backend logic for your business that can facilitate in your business, then we can help you achieve your goals with great efficiency and perfection.

Software Quality Assurance:

Once an application has been developed by the developers, it has to be properly tested according to all the possible situations that how an application responds in a specific situation. It is very important to have an application tested by a quality assurance team to make sure that the application is working properly without any unusual behavior that can cause to affect the user experience or your application.

WADIC has a great team of Quality assurance with skilled and experienced persons in their respected fields. The dedicated team members of WADIC can be hired to make sure that your application is working properly and meets all of the standards of professional application.

What makes WADIC outstanding than other Software development Companies in the USA:

There is a great proportion of people working in the software development fields and have been producing many custom software applications for both commercial and personal uses. Therefore, what makes our company outstanding than other companies in the development market across the USA.

Here we will list down some of the key qualities that make us more prominent in custom software development than our competitors.


The very thing that makes us different from others is the versatility of our team members. We do have people from different regions with different level of their skill set that makes or a team capable of solving all types of issues and problems within no time providing the best solution to your business applications.


In the case of business, it has been said that time is money. And they say it right. Most of the time your business is relying on the software application that you are using for your business. therefore, you can not risk your business by spending a lot of time on maintenance or development. You always need a competent team of developers who can work with the other team members to produce the expected software as fast as it can. Here, at WADIC, you will get the most efficient team that can develop the solve the problems on the development end within a short time providing you with the best and quality applications for your business.


As we have discussed that we have a team of developers that can work with other team members to solve the problems on development end within the minimum period of time, therefore, it is only possible if the team members are working continuously. This means that continuity is the key element that can make help you complete the development task within the given deadline.


We have experienced teams of developers with proven skills and expert level of knowledge in the development field. This means that we have an efficient team of developers that are working with all its efforts to make sure the application works fine smooth and flawlessly.


Dedication is one of the main ingredients in the recipe of software development that makes a software product more successful. Therefore, our development team members have a keen devotion and dedication to application development. Our employees develop these applications just because they are paid to do so, but also because they love to do what they are doing.


There is a lot of demand in the Tech market for custom software solution development.
we have tried to address some of the most common questions that why do you need a custom software development service? Why do you hire a dedicated Custom Software developer? Or what is the scope of custom software development? You can contact our professional teams to get professional guidance on all of these questions about hiring a dedicated software development.