Digitalization has made it so easy for us to shop online. The Internet has made shopping so easier that there is no more need to hustle if you want to buy anything.

Anything you want to buy is just a click away!

As more and more people prefer to shop online, the number of online stores is also increasing dramatically. Not only the buyer gets benefits from online shopping, but it is fruitful for the online sellers too.

Do you want to boost your business digitally? Are you interested in expanding your brand globally? Well, this article provides you all the information about Open Cart Development and how to Hire Dedicated OpenCart Developer.

What is an Open Cart?

Open cart is an ultimate E-Commerce Solution that helps you to launch your online store. It lets you add and manage your products to your e-commerce website. Open cart let your customers use the shopping cart to buy an item, and then it processes the customer’s orders.

The reason why OpenCart is the choice of most of the online sellers is its best order management facility. You can divide your products into unlimited categories, sell enormous amounts of products, and implement various languages and currencies for your website. Moreover, OpenCart offers around 20+ payment gateways and 8+ shipping methods.

In general, the open cart provides all the standard online store functionalities that you need for your business.

OpenCart is opensource, which means that everything related to the main OpenCart script is free. Moreover, with this opensource facility, you can modify your e-commerce store however you like.

However, wait, here is a bonus too which is that OpenCart gives you free lifetime support and software updates. So, if you are willing to start an online store OpenCart would be the best option for you.

Why You Need OpenCart Development Services?

OpenCart is one of the best developing platforms for your E-Commerce Website Development. It runs on PHP and MySQL database management system. The framework of OpenCart fulfills the need of creating a shopping cart. OpenCart is secure, safest, and stable developing platform for your e-commerce website.

OpenCart gives full control to the administrator. One more exciting thing is that it is well in translating the web page. As compared to Magento, OpenCart consumes less time to finish the integration. That is why OpenCart is very fast in integrating a template for the website. Furthermore, the default theme is so simple and handy that you can easily make changes in that.

The reasons why you need OpenCart development services are as follows:

  • Boost your business digitally.
  • Provide more than 20 payment gateways to your customers
  • Your shopping cart supports multiple currency options based on the country chosen.
  • Works in combination with Microsoft IIS, PHP, MySQL, and Apache.
  • Several extensions are available.
  • Additional options are available that display similar products of your company.
  • Calculation of products and shipping provide the customer with a net cost.
  • Backup and restore tools are available.
  • Report customization.
  • You can manage your store like a B2B application and also you can create customer groups.
  • You can set up guest checkout for faster sale transactions.

Admin Area:

One of the most prominent features of OpenCart multistore is one admin area. Business owners mostly think that having multiple stores can be time-consuming as well as stressful. Well, the technological approaches have made it so easier to manage all your online stores. With OpenCart, all your stores get listed in the same admin area from where you can manage and supervise the sales. You can evaluate your Current Orders, Check Your Customers, see your Products, and Manage Settings.

Products Listing:

Another advantage of OpenCart is the single listing of products and categories. This links with the admin area because at the admin area you can see the whole list of your products. From the list, you can select which products appear under which store. The tick box feature let you select or remove the products for your store, and it is easy to use. In case, if you want a specific product in all of your stores then through tick feature you can select all your stores. These features make handling and managing your store much more accessible.

Orders Tracking:

Managing the stock and orders can be a challenging task for an Online Merchant. OpenCart order and stock tracking feature let you know the need for restocking and manages your sale. You can manage all the orders by yourself with this feature.

Fast Set-up:

Setting up a new store is a straightforward procedure. OpenCart let you build multi-stores from where you can sell your products category wise. The OpenCart design themes let you decide and customize your store according to your will. This article covers all the fantastic features of OpenCart you should know in the following section.

WADIC team has all the expertise to customize OpenCart as per client’s needs. Our services include all the OpenCart development processes from initiation to store development.

Things You Should Know About OpenCart Development:

It is evident that when you need software to get developed for your business, you need a developer or development services for that purpose.

There are several steps involved for the development of an online store via OpenCart which are as follows:

  • The installation of OpenCart
  • Setting up an online store
  • Management of orders and customers
  • Modifications of the store’s functionality
  • Dealing with web designs and OpenCart extensions
  • Tracking and Analytics of store activities

To initiate the creation of your online store, you need first to download the OpenCart from its official website. After which, you can install it on a web server that you manage. The web server must meet the following criteria to operate the OpenCart:

  • PHP (5.2 at least)
  • MySQL Database
  • Curl Enabled

An OpenCart developer can professionally handle all these steps. To get the best OpenCart development services to choose WADIC as it is delivering high-quality OpenCart services for more than a decade.

Hire a Dedicated OpenCart Developer with WADIC:

WADIC is a Custom Software Development Company based in Denver, Colorado, USA. With over a decade of experience, we offer Quality E-Commerce Development Services to help our clients to introduce their business worldwide. We make our clients able to sell their products online and boost their business digitally.

Our company professionally caters to all kinds of e-commerce requirements. WADIC has extensive research and development experience in different forms of e-commerce approaches. These include Business to Business, Business to Customer, Customer to Customer, Marketplace E-Commerce, and E-commerce Mobile App.

The Technical Background:

The custom shopping carts are developed with Cake PHP or Code Igniter. Both of these are open source web application frameworks supporting model-view architecture. These open source web application frameworks have a built-in toolkit that can be used to build a resourceful and informative website providing a user-friendly environment. At WADIC, our e-commerce solutions are flexible enough to support your business for a maximum period.

The Processing Methodology:

Our OpenCart Development methodology wholly depends on the client’s business requirements. Our developers first understand the requirements thoroughly and make the goals clear. After getting all the information about business needs, we provide a detailed proposal containing all the relevant information attributes.

If our client faces any roadblock in determining the business requirement, our dedicated developers help the client by telling about the suitable requirements for the business. We provide a complete roadmap for your OpenCart store development.

Once our developers create the methodology according to the client’s requirements, we are all set to proceed!

The OpenCart modules consist of add-ons, plugins, or extensions in the CMS making us enable to extend its functionality without editing the application’s files. The OpenCart modules allow introducing, remove, or modify the functionality of the core application through the provided API.

WADIC’s skilled team takes care of alluring Designs, Strategy, Codes, and Development For Your Website.

The other facilities which we offer as clients services are:

  • Design integration.
  • Existing customized websites.
  • Module developments.
  • I have customized Theme installation.
  • Upgradation of already existing websites.
  • Payment solutions.

Hire OpenCart Theme Developer: if you are a Web Development and Designing Company, and seeking a dedicated OpenCart developer or designer for your regular work than WADIC would be the best place for you. We are providing the best team of OpenCart Experts who work for themes, modules, and all types of customization. When you choose to work with our fantastic team of Dedicated OpenCart Developers, you get a highly efficient team with countless business benefits.

Our services regarding OpenCart includes:

  • OpenCart customization
  • Development of OpenCart
  • E-commerce solutions
  • OpenCart extension development
  • CMS Development
  • OpenCart Migration Solution
  • 3rd party app Integration
  • Dedicated OpenCart Developer
  • Theme Design & Integration

Let’s see what these services contain.

OpenCart customization:

Customizing the appearance of your website can be done with the help of our OpenCart Customization Services.

OpenCart Web Development

Our expert and experienced OpenCart Web Developers deliver exceptional services to produce a fantastic website using OpenCart Development Services.

OpenCart E-commerce Solution:

Delivering complete OpenCart E-Commerce Development Solutions to worldwide clients. This way it is easy to develop an E-Commerce website.

OpenCart Extension Development:

This simple and controlling Open Source Web Application framework is supporting the development of Modular Extensions.

OpenCart CMS Development:

Take the help of our capable developers at WADIC. They deliver a robust CMS Solution on the OpenCart framework with great success.

OpenCart Migration Solution:

Migrate between OpenCart platforms with the assistance of OpenCart Migration Solutions offered by our skilled developers.

3rd party app Integration:

Here at WADIC, we integrate OpenCart development services with third-party APIs.

Dedicated OpenCart Developer:

Get Dedicated OpenCart Developers focusing well on your requirements, so it’s easy to meet your business goals.

Theme Design & Integration:

We help you in integration themes too with OpenCart.


WADIC services are the first choice for all entrepreneurs and company owners for online store development as we have experience of more than a decade. We renovate the thoughts of clients into reality. Our team help in creating a global existence, record making, and user-friendly website.

Main Features We Offer:

OpenCart has its extension market from where you can choose extensions suitable for your web store. With Add-ons, you can increase the features of OpenCart.

The specific features of OpenCart we provide are:

  • Different User Types
  • Nested Product Categories
  • Category Page
  • Product List
  • Product Detail Page
  • Add to Cart Option
  • Cart Management
  • Checkout
  • Payment Method
  • Simple Product Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Admin Panel Features
  • Add-ons

Here is the detail of the features of OpenCart we provide at WADIC

Different User Types:

There are primarily three user sites as follows:

  • The site administrator who manages the website
  • Registered customers who buy the products
  • Retailer or Distributor who sells the products, mainly for B2B and B2c web applications

Nested Product Categories:

This section divides the products into specific categories and sub-categories.

Category Page:

The category page lists all the categories and sub-categories.

Product List:

The product list appears in the list, or grid view or both. It can be implemented by giving an option to toddle between these two. However, each product item displays along with a title, price, and default image. Moreover, with each product, a link to “Add to Cart” and “View Details” appear to redirect the customer to the check-out page.

Product Detail Page:

The details and descriptions of the product appear on this page. The details of the product include Title of the product, Image, Price of the Product, Features, and Add to Cart button. In short, all the product attributes appear in this section. Additionally, the product reviews can also display on this page.

Add to Cart Option:

The “Add to Cart” button appears with each product. By clicking this button, the site customers can add the desired product to the cart to proceed shopping.

Cart Management:

The cart page displays all the products that are already present in the cart. Users can add multiple products in the cart, update the quantity, or remove any product from the cart. Moreover, users can also see the cost of the product and can proceed to the checkout system.


The site visitors can register themselves and enter the Billing/Shipping information. After which they can confirm the order can proceed to pay.

Payment Method:

The payment gateways are implemented as per your requirements. All you need to choose a company that has good experience in implementing payments through most of the chief Payment Gateways.

Simple Product Search:

This feature allows the customers to search the product with the help of product title and product description text.

Advanced Search:

The advanced search lets the user search the product based on all parameters. It comprises an extensive product filtering option.

Admin Panel Features:

The admin panel features include:

  • Product categories and sub-categories management
  • Management of product details, attributes, images, and inventory
  • Order and delivery information management
  • Customers management
  • Website static content management


We offer the implementation of modules through API’s. However, the implementation is based on the robustness and relevance of API in the proposed cart system.

At WADIC, we have an expert team for OpenCart web development and customization. We deliver custom OpenCart development services for both small- and large-scale projects. Our dedicated developers ensure the projects are submitted on time while delivering 100% satisfaction of the customers. So, with us, you can get dynamic solutions at affordable and cost-effective prices.

So, Does your company or business need the services of OpenCart developer?