Trump administration has decided to block USA companies from doing any sort of business with the Chinese electronic companies. Trump’s executive order of banning the electronic giants of China has forced Google to suspend the license of one of the biggest electronics company in the world, i.e., Huawei.

The dispute has been surfacing for months now. Even after clarifications and stating many times officially that the Huawei Company has nothing to do with the Chinese government and it is an independent business of Ren Zhengfei. United States administration is not quite acknowledging it. Well, the association of an owner with people’ Liberation Army’s Information Technology Research Unit is not helping his case at any state.

Because of the direct order from the president and administration of United States, many core companies including Google, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Intel, and many other major names have banned the business with the Chinese company. They have told their employees about cutting the supplies immediately after confronting the orders. Anyhow, the commerce department of the United States did not comment instantaneously on the situation.

Because of this suspension, any sort of hardware, software or even technical services to Huawei have been shut down till any further notice. Technical services which are publically available via open source licensing are still offered. Along with this errand, the customers and current holders of Smartphones of Huawei will still have access to Google Apps, and they can download and update the applications like before.

And a spokesperson of Google has confirmed the news with an official statement saying,

“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications. For users of our services, Google Play and the security protection from Google play protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices”, the spoke person didn’t provide any further details.

Huwaei will not have access to Google’s proprietary apps and services anymore, and the evaluation of devices under CTS stand for Google’s Compatibility Test Suite is also off limits now. That is considered the crucial step for any smartphone to pass in order to have access to the Android branding. And not just android branding but Google’ propriety service like YouTube, Searches, Chrome, Maps, and Play Store, all of these essentials are not accessible for Huawei as well.

According to the buzz, this suspension and google’s sudden decision can lead to serious damage to the ambitions and reputation of the company. When the company was busy becoming the world’s largest Smartphone vendors and focusing on dethroning Samsung from the current position, the recent situation must turn the tables against them. As Huawei and its associated brand called Honor will no longer be able to use third-party applications and services as the public version is just available for Huawei from now on.

The market change and Global Supply Chain of Huawei will be affected or not? It is still a question, but the chip experts are saying with great confidence that it is quite impossible to proceed without United States support. The blacklisting from the United States government is going to create a big speed breaker in the numbers for Huawei.

The official discussions are still happening internally at Google and so as to Huawei. Deciding the services and studying the effect of blacklisting are the main concerns right now. This immediate suspension has shaken the floors of the electronics market.

But Huawei was actually preparing for some situations like this for a few years now. And still, there are loopholes which will help Huawei to survive and not collapse in a matter of a few hours. As the android, open source license is freely available for anyone who wishes to use it. This way the public version is still accessible.

Rotating chairman of Huawei, Eric Xu, did an interview a few months back in which he explained their progress about the plan of building a Technology Which Will Replace Android. And according to his words, the technology is ready to some extent, and it is currently used in some specific products across Chine to test it. His direct words were,

“No matter what will happen; the Android community does not have any legal rights to block any company from accessing its open source license,” he said.

But as now the Huawei has to rely on the public version so applications and services like YouTube, Chrome, and Gmail will disappear for sure from the future headsets of Huawei. Because these services are not covered under the category of open source license. Companies have to have a commercial agreement with Google to have access to their Services and Applications.

As the administration of United States is involved in this decision, the foreign ministry spoke person of China has also stepped in, Lu Kang has advised the company to go for legal weapon and defend their Legitimate right through the proper line of conduct. He has stated that proper attention will be given to the matter and some solutions will be sorted out soon.

Vice president of research of CCS Insight has also made an official statement on suspension, he says,

“Having those apps is critical for smartphones makes to stay competitive in regions like Europe,” said Geoff.

So what will be the future of Huawei? The time will answer this question better. But the United States is not the only country that has banned the electronic giants of China. The countries like Australia and New Zealand are also very concerned about security-related matters, and they have banned 5G equipment.

This is not it; Germany is also considering blocking the services from providing the 5G network. Huawei was rising, and the company was working really hard to prove its stance of de-crowing Samsung and becoming the world largest Smartphone vendor. But the recent situation is unbelievably tough, and getting out of it without getting affected is a challenging job.