Organizations usually revolve around two choices while looking for the appropriate line of business applications to achieve efficiency and productivity: During market research, they have specified two options either they go for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) packaged solutions or hire a custom application development specialist.

Business owner’s decision of signing up for COTS software or building a custom application from fragments is frightening.

RULE OF THUMB – 80%/60%

The traditional rule of thumb implies COTS packaged solutions to meet a minimum of 80% of the essential functions of an organization. Most organizations prefer solutions that cover a meager 60% of their operational business requirements- leaving pits behind which grows into dark edges when business evolves with time.

While COTS offers a little investment first hand and appears to be an “attractive” choice but the long-term cost can cause major fluctuations in the budget when the product is not fully submerged according to your company’s requirements.


Custom software development is a hidden treasure that companies never identify. It helps create or maintain software for multinational or SME companies that acknowledge their problems can be solved through technology advancements.

With nearly 100,000 software and IT software companies operating in the USA, Companies have realized that they require some help, but are unable to identify the right medium to access the solutions which lead them to turn to these organizations.

Question yourself if the COTS Solution meets your custom business requirements:

Are you looking at some features that are irrelevant to your business operations?

Have you thought about the long-term costs such as training, implementation, and maintenance?

Are you done with the detailed brainstorming to make an efficient choice?

Is your in-house support team familiar with the provided solution?

Look For the Best Custom Software Development to Best Your Business

Let’s wrap up with a brief review of what should be done once your business application is executed: Maintain your product or service, expand it beyond limits, keep your wish list alive and running, and let the system work its magic with being more efficient.

Digital assets are like your star employees – it needs to be cherished, valued, upgraded, and refined. As this “star employee” will never leave you on hold or make blunders – keeping them loyal. Grow and stabilize your software just like you nurture those who work with you, as they both bring business in their unique fashion.