The combination of processes of designing, deploying, creating, and maintaining software for precise and explicit users, functions, or businesses is referred to as custom software development. Custom software development intends at a narrowly defined set of requirements, on contradiction to off-the-shelf software. Off-The-Shelf software targets a broad set of conditions which makes it more manageable to be packaged and commercially marketed and distributed.

There are many prevalent examples for packaged commercial software products and services like and Microsoft Office. These COTS software are created to meet the generalized needs of website creation and office productivity.

Custom software is uniquely created for a precise set of needs, such as:

  • an online banking app designed
  • a hospital service maintenance program

Bespoke software is another common term to refer to Custom software and its development. The title has its origins in old English, and it was defined as tailoring trade in past days.

Outsourced third-party usually perform custom software development for organizations, but large enterprises have In-house development teams for every task, including custom software development. Developers follow the same processes and methodologies for custom software development, just like any other type of software development.

Steps of requirements gathering, coding, testing, and deployment are similar for a custom project, and developers apply the same methodologies, like Rapid Application Development, DevOps, or Agile like any other software project.

Application modernization, application customization, and application management require special efforts for custom software development. To meet evolving user and market demands successfully, the application modernization process plays a significant role in maintaining the viability of any business’s personalized software.

Application customization refers to transforming and changing commercial off-the-shelf applications to support the individual demands of diverse enterprises. Application management makes software serviceable by executing tasks like installation, performance, availability optimization, updating, and service desk functions.

Custom software development is imperative and in demand, in the 21st century as it helps in meeting particular and unique requirements at a cost-competitive with modifying, purchasing, and maintaining commercial software.

Some of the benefits of custom software development include:


 Custom software development saves the hurdle of tinkering with or adjusting off-the-shelf applications as this software is purposely built to support processes speedily and productively of every organization individually.


Depending on the terms and conditions of the project, it is possible to make money with custom software development. Those businesses that develop their software own the license of the software, and they can sell it to other organizations.


Developers and designers can assess future needs, and as a result, custom software can grow as an organization or business thrives because of their updated requirements. The additional factors will be incorporated into the application, and the organization does not have to purchase additional licenses or subscriptions of any other packaged applications.


Organizations get the opportunity of avoiding price hikes for licensing and support services with the passage of time along with maintaining packaged software. With the benefit of independence, custom software development also has a negative side in the form of the cost of supporting and maintaining custom software because it falls on the organization that developed the software. How the equation works out requires each organization to look carefully at whether it’s better to build or buy.

Lower integration costs:

Will the software work with existing and legacy applications, is one of the leading considerations of commercial off-the-shelf software? If the answer is no, a further investment falls in the lap of organizations to get the software to communicate and operate with their existing infrastructure. On the other hand, custom software can be personalized to integrate with its intended environment.

Labeling your software needs is very significant for every business as it gives you a competitive advantage.

Custom software development companies of Denver, Colorado, work with clients worldwide. As these custom software development companies have established successful partnerships with companies in the USA, Australia, and the EU and have completed thousands of custom software projects.

Small businesses to large corporations, all of them outsource custom software development companies for help. A complete team of experts of different fields merges to perform and develop fully personalized software to tackle the need of every business prosperously.

Here is a list of a few of the experts:

NIX Solutions engineers:

  • Provide maintenance
  • Develop software from scratch
  • Move legacy system to a new platform
  • Design IT infrastructure architecture
  • Integrate into a currently running project
  • Run tests to assure the quality of a product


We create responsive, adaptive websites with UI/UX interface that works fast regardless of the number of users.

  • Business websites
  • Social sites
  • eCommerce
  • Integration with popular platforms.
  • Custom websites with a specific functionality

Java and .NET software engineers:

  • Implement custom solutions from scratch
  • Design n-layer software architecture
  • Re-engineer systems for functional and architecture enhancement.


Enterprise solutions actually work wonder by helping clients to cut their IT spending in half. The custom software development companies of Denver create IT solutions with Java and .NET technologies, and their system drastically optimizes the workflow of the company.


Custom software development companies of Denver work by bringing your software product to market months ahead of your competitors with their mobile programmers. The developers of these companies of Denver practice the rapid mobile development of apps for Android, Windows, iOS phones, and tablets as well for better outcomes.

Their framework helps them in delivering a professional prototype with neat graphic design and core features in a matter of a few days. Extensive tests are run on all apps on a range of popular mobile devices, including new tech gadgets for more reliable outcomes.


QA engineers’ primary focus is always on making the product bug-free. Manual and automated tests are run beforehand, and examination of the product through various approaches in testing is also a very crucial step to check:

  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Big data
  • Functional
  • Stress

As a software development company Quality assurance is a critical part of 100% results.

Be sure about building vs. buy

Making sure that custom software is genuinely needed is the first key to a practical custom software development project and a surety that packaged solutions won’t work in your case. According to the report of a software solution finder and researcher Capterra, 75 percent of IT executives and business owners envision that their software projects will fail and but projects are completed on time and budget.

In order to fully apprehend the custom software development services to the full extent, research if there is already a packaged off-the-shelf software solution that will deliver more significant than 80 percent of the functions needed to:

  • Handle information and data specific to an industry or line of business
  • Support or automate unique business processes and transactions
  • Enable new opportunities or improve competitive advantage
  • Replace or help combine existing solutions to achieve higher productivity
  • Grow and adapt to changing requirements.
  • Meet individual privacy or security requirements
  • Facilitate integration with legacy applications and data
  • Replace or help consolidate existing solutions at lower cost

Final words:

Custom software development companies of Denver, Colorado, are offering exciting services and offers. Research and read about details of services to take advantage to the full extent.