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WADIC One Step Automation Solution

Automation helps in integrating and implementing information systems.Through intelligent automation WADIC provides its clients with the leverage of doing economic business and achieve unprecedented levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Our agile automation process enable enterprises in evolving and accelerating with current market trends.

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Be an agile and automated enterprise.

Wadic Delivery Automation

Wadic Continuous Delivery Automation Cloud Ready

Give agility and high pace to your business applications.

Auto-mic Service Orchestration

Wadic Auto-mic Service Orchestration Cloud Ready

We offer customized services to our users to make their experience exceptional.

Auto-mic Workload

Wadic Automic Workload Automation Cloud Ready

Agile automation gives economic vitality to your business projects.

Automated Agile Enterprise

Drive Business Success With Fully Automated Agile Enterprise

Modern technology works as the core for the growth of any business. Its essence is in automation solutions, and its circulation lies in agile automation. This successful trio is the stamp of generating high quality products and surplus output.

WADIC offers automation solutions to make you an automated agile organization.

Digitization, Realized

Digital transformation has left strong impression on every field of life by bringing fundamental changes of how business operate and deliver value to their clients.

WADIC will help you in achieving operational excellence. Our digital transformation process will make you more efficient.

Automatic Test Data Management

From development to the maintenance phase of software lifecycle, we ensure quality and agility.

WADIC service digitization with continuous delivery

WADIC creates a virtual environment for its clients and provide digitized services.

Establishing continuous delivery pipelines

Eliminate the disadvantages and risks affecting the economic progress.

Automate API Management

Give robust connectivity to your enterprise with APIs and digital transformation.

Enhance application performance management by releasing automation

We assist in achieving business goals faster by deploying an effective goal-oriented transformation process.

Automated and protected user experience

Automatically detect the anomalies and assure quality work.

Closed Loop Remediation

Maintain the quality and performance of your business through secure automation solutions.

What We Offer

Cloud Automation

WADIC gives digital presence to your business

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Oracle Automation

Let us take on your challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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Data Automation

Our auto-mic workload automation will enhance the efficiency of your analytical process

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SAP Automation

Discover new digital heights through SAP automation solutions.

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