According to reports, global mobile app downloads will reach a limit of 284 billion by 2020. In the present-day world, the total number of applications of Apple Play store (iOS) are around about 2 million.

And statics of 2018 is showing that the android play store has more than 2.1 million apps to choose from. In addition to that, Non-games apps will exceed the limit of $182 billion in the coming year.

Furthermore, mobile applications ads perform 4-5 times more than the ads of websites and other mediums. And according to the reports of involvement and interaction researches, there is a 55% boost in an engagement rate of people in mobile apps as compared to the previous year.

So, what do you think is happening? This generation of the 21st century has gone mobile. These people sleep using their phones. And the first thing they will be doing in the morning is for sure checking their phones.

Visiting all the messaging apps and scrolling through social media to get all the updates before starting their day. And according to official reports, every individual spends at least solid 4 hours on mobile devices, daily. So, what do you think all of them are doing? Obviously, all of them are using different mobile applications.

There is an app for that, how many times have you heard this statement? Well, there are millions of applications out there, it is not easy to answer this question. But when there is a 575% increase in the usability of devices from the last three years, you can easily say that mobile applications are the keys to success.

So, regardless of the size and nature of your business, one thing which can act as the surety right now is an application. Because of such an addiction to cellular devices, it is quite obvious that everything has to go mobile for its benefit. And keeping your business up to date actually helps a lot when it comes to sales and profits.

The very main thing in any business is a customer. You always have to go to your customer. You have to target your potential audience through their preferred medium.

Those days are gone when customers used to visit different stores before finding the exact thing they want. In the era of technology, everything is just a single click away. So does all kind of services and products. Therefore, in order to survive at this age, it is just not an accessory to have an online presence. But a compulsion.

If you actually want to thrive and make maximum profits, then making an interactive, appealing and exclusive mobile app is the only key.

Well, here are 10 benefits and reasons which will convince you to go for mobile app development in order to get the most out of technology. Not just in terms of monetary benefits, but image enhancement of your brand as well.

24/7 Visibility:

When you know that your customers are already on their phones all the time, then why don’t take advantage of that? When you will have a business app, it will just not give your brand a global exposure. But when your logo will be present on the main screens of the potential customers all the time in different parts of the world, it will act as a constant reminder.

Whenever they will be in need of something, your services will be just a click away. So obviously they will be coming to you for their needs.

And having a logo on the screen all the time can act as the magnet to attract the audience. Even though daily reminders are also very crucial. As these deals offered, catch the attention of customers really easily.

But just grabbing the attention is not the ultimate success. Yes, it will increase your traffic on the application. But if the bounce rate is high, the traffic is of no use. So the deals and the exciting offers can only bring the customers to the application, but what actually your app holds will decide the sale rate overall.

Personalized services:

Through the Mobile Application, it is very easy to collect all the useful data from your customers. Like their recent purchases, searches and many more.

And through proper analysis, you can provide them with the options of the services they want. In this way, you will be providing personalized services to every customer. And it will make them inclined towards your brand when more.

For example, if a customer was searching was a jumpsuit and was unable to find any. Later on, when she will get the notification about some new additions of jumpsuits, it will excite the customer for sure. So keeping an eye on the searches and demands of customers is very significant to give them a sense of importance.

Demographic targeting of customers:

Not only the personalized demands but the location of buyers also is very important. Through a mobile application, it is very easy to see the trends and patterns of buying services or products location wise. And it helps in creating a campaign to tackle those needs demographically.

As the people of every area, every country has its own sense of fashion and different acceptable dress codes. So target every part with their own personalized and customized style will be beneficial in terms of profits and brand loyalty as well.

When consumers know that their needs are your priority, it changes the mindset of the people overall. It increases the trust in the brand, and customers than just go with the flow. As they don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for things for their interest in the first place.


With the sudden boom in technology, everything is different now. The life of 2019 is completely different and advance from the life of 5 to 10 years back. The payment option of mobile apps has taken the business to new heights.

According to reports, 500 companies who switched to mobile app and m-commerce has increased their sales by 80%. Can you even imagine what an immense jump it is? It is pretty obvious that nothing is going to beat the facility of online wallets in the recent future.

And using paper money is also very old fashion now. Isn’t it? Do you even remember when was the last time you used paper money? From grocery to traveling, from food to clothes, everything is being covered through cards.

So it is just practical to update the things according to the demands and trends of the time to stay in style and perform accordingly.

Brand Recognization:

Mobile Apps help brands in creating a good reputation. Nowadays, nobody buys anything without reading reviews or comments from other buyers. Nobody goes anywhere without checking hotels, routes and ticket pricing beforehand. So your existing customers’ reviews will facilitate you in front of your coming potential audience.

In addition to that, you will also be giving them constant reminders. Through promotions, deals, offers and multiple new additions of products every now and then. As a result, they will be inclined towards your brand very easily.

Mobile over any other thing:

Yes, an online presence is a key in the world of internet. But not just a website or social media page. That is not going to bring the best results on the table. If you are looking for actual drastic results, then you have to invest in mobile app development.

Because in today’s’ world, everybody is too busy to open the computer to visit your website. Nobody uses desktop computers anymore. Everybody needs to have everything in their palm to look at. And if you want your customers to respond and purchase your products, then you have to choose their preferred medium.

Value creation:

According to reports, 94% of the top 50 brands in the USA and 96% of the top 50 brands of the UK have at least one business app for their customers. Having an exclusive and fully functional app is not just going to attract your audience.

But it will also help in giving them the impression of your authenticity. As people of today’s world tend to believe those brands which have a strong online presence.

As there are so many sites and pages out there which are offering the same products, but not the original quality. So the customers prefer to buy products from the official place because then they don’t have to be worried about the quality.

For example, there are pages on Instagram, selling fake Huda Beauty Products and charging the customers with almost the same price of original products. So in the end, that is making the customers question the quality of official Huda beauty products. In order to tackle that issue, the regular customers are inclined towards the official platform of the brand to have an authentic product or service.

Customer communication:

As defined earlier, customers are everything for any kind of business. So having a mobile app, which will give them the space of interacting with you is very beneficial. Like, in case of queries, complains, compliments or any other possible issue.

So there will be no communication gap between you and your customers. And you don’t have to invest thousands to get the feedback for improvement.

Just not answering of queries is being done through communication. But the application does not have human feelings, so being cranky or upset of customer service officers do not affect the customers. As they are interacting with technology. Therefore the customers get the best.

Cross-platform marketing:

With the advancement in technology, now it is possible to use the same application over different platforms. Now the app developers make the applications which will be suitable for more than one device. Like the dimensions and measurements of all the devices are different.

For example, smartphones, tablets or smaller devices. The applications of today’s market are suitable for different devices. Well, there was a time when the applications had to face unexpected bugs just because of the difference of devices. But it is being taken care of in the most effective way by the developers.

So that helps the businesses to target more audience effectively. In this manner, people from different age group, mindsets, financial status are using the applications of businesses. And that leads to an immense increase in the sales of the products. Using as many platforms as possible is the main agenda of many businesses these days.

The developers pay a lot of attention to the development and coding to make the app easy to use on multiple devices. So it is just fair that owners of businesses also show interest in using that facility.

Tracking of analytics:

One of the most main answers to the question of why businesses need a mobile app in 2019 to work effectively is the tracking of valuable analytics. Applications give the advantage of collecting the real-time data really easily in the matter if seconds. And that data basically helps in calculating the business growth through different parameters.

For example, using the application can give the data related to the traffic on the app, bounce rate or the time spent by each customer looking around, the type of products which have most influences on consumers, price window of products appreciated by customers, the ratio between people just looking around and the people who are actually buying, and there are hundreds of other elements.

And keeping a constant eye on all of these elements actually, help the business in analyzing their present value in the market. And also plays a vital in future campaigns. Application statistics also show the behavior pattern of customers and which leads the marketing team to redesign the process.

As the customer’s satisfaction and their needs are the main priority. In order to fulfill those needs, the analytical tool of application plays a very imperative role.

Here are some of the main reasons for which every business should need a mobile in 2019 to excel. As it going to multiply your profits for you in the end. And increasing profit is the main focus of every business in the end. Just take a rough example that just in North America, the biggest industry is of the mobile application.

As mobile apps are making a total of 44% through online transactions. Having 44% of the total is a huge amount and the second number is the sales of computers. Still, technology is winning. But the main focus here is the Mobile Applications For Businesses.

And one of the most important niches of the audience is on the go customers. These are the people who need some distraction while they are on their way to something. Like a person is on his way to the gym, he is willing to spend that time checking out what is going around.

That segment of customers is also very important. But the analysis needs to be done properly beforehand in order to target them. Because if the products and services of their interest will be on the screen, it will just take them seconds to buy.

The time is coming when everything will be done through smartphones. Those devices have almost taken over the human lives already. But the complete hold of devices is going to take some more time. And in that period, everything will be paid through online transactions.

And every service will be provided online. It will just not make the whole process of shopping and buying products a lot easier. But it will also play an integral role in the satisfaction of customers.

And in addition to all of that, an online presence will open a whole new world of marketing and advertisement. And demographically marketing will help the business achieve more than ever. So you better hire a professional team of developers to make a unique mobile app for your business in time. That way you will be competing the world’s business through the same platform.