API Management


API Management

Get integrated, robust and secure applications
to get high scaled business economy.

Our advanced API and Micro services management help you:

API management ensures digital connectivity with servers, database, and apps to be accessed from anywhere in the world by the customers. The advanced combo of API and microservices provide the agile, secured, and fast-paced connectivity to your applications.

Enhance User Experience

Enhance User Experience

The fastest and integrated connectivity enhance the user experience and business productivity.

Enhance your digital experience
Attain KPIs

Attain KPIs

WADIC will help you in achieving priority performance ratios which will enhance your business performance

Reach your business goals
Connect and Communicate

Connect and Communicate

Our API operational platform works on such micro services that will drive web and mobile applications and rapidly deploy informational assets.

Fast-track your mobile and Iot initiatives

Amplify Agility

The compact combo of microservices and API operations gives new agility to API applications and new vitality to business.

Create flexibility with microservices

Transfigure your enterprise with full lifecycle API Management

We assure uninterrupted connectivity, secure data access, and transformation through well integrated and robust apps.


Our cloud platform accelerates the pace of digital business by building connection and scalable experience to support multiple applications and users at a time.

WADIC API Developer Portal

Our developer model will deliver you with a branded portal experience and enable you to design your own customized and digitized applications to provide a strong connection with your web APIs, cloud APIs, and mobile app APIs.

WADIC API Management SaaS

WADIC enhances cloud experience and cloud compatibility through up gradation, maintenance, security, and underlying infrastructure of online applications.

Customize your infrastructure

Get a customized and integrated infrastructure by building robust APIs for your websites, servers, database, and mobile Apps.

Micro services

Give your enterprise the agility through flexible change and development of applications. The combination of micro-services and API strategy is the viable solution of getting benefits with limited risk of drawbacks.

Improve customer experiences

WADIC Live API Creator

The maintenance, secure transformation of data, and integrated connectivity with APIs have become seconds game. Get integrated connection through live APIs.

Create APIs

WADIC Microgateway

WADIC provides support for both centralized and decentralized gateway capabilities by opting high and scalable characteristics which can work for every enterprise architecture.

Manage microservices

IoT Integration & Mobile Development

Make your business more responsive with optimized creativity and profitability through fast-paced connection and well integrated IT ecosystem.

Accelerate mobile & IoT development

Wadic Mobile API Gateway

Create high-grade apps with a mobile API gateway by reducing developers workload and providing scalable support for the integration process.

Build best-in-class mobile apps
software development in achieving KPI

Role of software development in achieving KPI

KPI’s are directly linked to business values actually delivered. Application and software development is helping enterprises to achieve their KPI’s. Software built on modern architecture is far more effective in realizing business goals.

DevOps, API, agile and microservices play a vital role in determining meaningful insights and take advantage of the software to achieve KPI’s.


Get insights from industry experts

API Management

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Full LIFE cycle API Management

Maintaining the life cycles of APIs is an essential task to have a successful digital transformation and IT ecosystem.

Reach your business goals
Achieve strong ROI

Achieve strong ROI with WADIC

WADIC ensures profitable ratios and increased return on investment and determines values that are problematic.

Reach your business goals
leader in API security

Work with the leader in API security

WADIC ensures enterprise-grade security that protects customers API’s from adaptive threats.

Reach your business goals